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This is not just about interesting stories, it's about finding great web sites. Most of the stories will have a link somewhere on the page to get you to the home page of the website hosting that story. If you like the story there is a good chance that the web site will have other items of interest to you. If there is no link to the home page of the website just edit the address in the address bar down to the .com part (or .org / .net etc) and click enter.

I subscribe to over 100 news feeds (I do 5 on a regular basis), each feed generates between 5 to 100 items a day. I am looking for things I did not know or have never seen before, things that rock my world. Some (not many) of the links may contain disturbing images, vulgarity or sexually explicit (no porn) articles. The articles I feel are must reads are listed in capitol letters. Most of the articles come from Digg or Reddit although there are many others.

If you live in La Manzanilla and have a shared links reader or just an interesting story, please send me the link and I will put a page up for you. We are living in a time where we do have a voice, a voice which we have never had before. Please learn, expand the realm of possibilities, express and enjoy the ride.


How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks

Cat Standing

Reggie Ramirez on Phlipinas got tallent

Interview with director Steven Okazaki

Threads - Nuclear War, 1984

White Light/Black Rain excerpt

Set For Bed

cmstv - Large Hydron Collider

So I saw this girl

Cheapy Lighter Laser Burner!

Russian Roulette Fail Video

The Internet in 1969

Real Time with Bill Maher Mar 26 Part 6 (End)

Pantyhose Tug of War! - Funny Japanese Show


Arab prank while praying

Elephant goes on Rampage - YouTube

Its called mindset

International Space Station comes together

Jasmine, the Mother Theresa Greyhound

Nick Vujicic without limbs-no arms, no legs Worlds finest motivational speaker

Ancient Futures - Learning from Ladakh (permaculture) (Part 1 of 6) - YouTube

Stonehenge - Google Maps

Suspended animation is within our grasp -

Documentary Heaven - Free Online Documentaries

Why Are Thin People Not Fat - YouTube

Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization - YouTube

Cambridge Face Memory Test

Dennis Leary: Asshole Video

Sad Trombone

So my wife came up to me and said, "Take off my shirt."

I want give me a future not fucked up

Man On Wire 2 -

Man on Wire Trailer - YouTube

Football Idiots - YouTube

The penguin show - custom message

Audiotool - Hobnox

Tone Matrix - aM laboratory

Acrylic on Flesh

How to live to be 100+ -

Judge Jim Gray on The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition - YouTube

Patrick Hughes - Signs - part 1 - YouTube

Popular Science Puts Entire Scanned Archive Online, Free

Nonviolent Communication Training Skills - YouTube

India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony - YouTube

Orthodox jew throwin wine on Palestinean

Newseum - Today's Front Pages - Map View

Continuous Chest Compression CPR - Mayo Clinic Presentation - YouTube


The Scale of the Universe

Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds

Highest Resolution Earth View to Date

Flooded Meadow YouTube

Pink Freud

Why deer have antlers


Access of Evil

The life in Yoduk, Part 1 YouTube

A Bully Gets Bullied YouTube

The cost of printer ink

Good Will Hunting YouTube

In 1956, Howard Hughes produced "The Conqueror."

Shootings and Snitchings in Philadelphia

On Skid Row: Kids - Part 2

On Skid Row: Part 5

Internet Censorship

Cop turns off camera & beats up female

Conspiracy theory

Lots of Snow!

Cassini Spacecraft Crosses Saturn's Ring Plane

Time gets better with age

Dollar smile

Mexicans take to Juarez streets for March of Anger against drug war

The Gillette 3000 YouTube

TRex 600 Helicopter - Amazing Tricks YouTube

MIT's Autonomous Helicopter

Metric and Imperial Conversion Charts and Tables

Cambodian self help - demining YouTube

Cambodian self help - demining

Cambodian Self Help - Demining YouTube

Badass of the Week

Software Modeling to Help Eradicate Infectious Diseases

Death Star Laser Gun Zaps Mosquitoes Dead TED 2010

This Is a Mosquito Getting Killed By a Laser

Google Will Soon Know Exactly What You Are Doing

Today's Front Pages

F22 Raptor

Lost Generation YouTube

Recycling Brasilien -YouTube

Yosemite Firefall YouTube

Photo of Horsetail Falls at Sunset

China ban on pet dog meat draws angry outcry

Prop 8 - The Musical YouTube

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like YouTube

Shakespearean Insulter

Chomsky on reddit

Noam Chomsky Interview on CBC



Asimov -Part 2 The Answer for Humanity YouTube

Friend Quotes

Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop

How to Drive Drunk

Jonah Lehrer - Art is the future of science


Mad Men - The Carousel

The 90's killed my sexual growth

Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with the pentatonic scale

Pre war Forensics

FBI arrests alleged cable modem hacker

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot YouTube

The Banality of Evil

Korgoth of Barbaria - Pilot

Sunset eye

Face-Off With a Deadly Predator

How To Report The News

The Book of Body Language

Flash drawing

Guess Whats in The Picture

How to make a splash in social media -

Intelligence Squared

Purple Ronnie creator on depression: 'I lost the gift of joy for a while'

Man to Break Sound Barrier Jumping from Edge of Space

Don't Bungee Jump Naked!

Lost Generation

Photographers protest UK terror law


Frank Serpico, Police Officer

Big Spanish Castle (GIF Image)

Big Spanish Castle

Corona up to 6 solar radii

Bottlenose dolphins mud-ring feeding

The Known Universe


Crazy Cube Illusion!

YouTube - Robin Williams Plays Spore

Longevity : Men's Health

Drinking with Ian

Fuck the American mustache institute

Mom defends soldier accused of having child porn

Mudhole watersking - YouTube

Stages of life

My Dad Tried to Right a Wrong, Now He's Behind Bars Unjustly

I Have the Opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Time gets better with age

School dances sure have changed...

Nuclear War Survival Skills

Civilization IV Quotes

Comet Halleys Nucleus: An Orbiting Iceberg

Shredding Demonstrations

Watch it Shred!: "The Monster"

Next Up: The Boob Bomber

FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

True Colors Personality Types

New Trend In Prison: Tattoo Your Eyes!

Toddler Sucks On a USB Cable, Ends Up in the Hospital

Female toads inflate to avoid sex

The Struggle "Scott Ritter on Iran

Extreme offroad from Russia

Girls robbed Symmes Twp. bank

Arch of Taq-i Kisra in Ctesiphon, Iraq

L-3 Communications of Pinellas gets $165 million contract for body scanners

National Anthem Fenway Park

Awesome basketball story

'Special' is the right word for Kirkwood High student

Women In Art

Crazy climber

Soldiger and child

Egyptian Med Students Believe Masturbation Causes Blindness : WTF


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