Stuff I found interesting 2009

All of the items below are links, I just removed the underline for easier reading. Usually everything after the - are my notes and are not a link.

This is not just about interesting stories, it's about finding great web sites. Most of the stories will have a link somewhere on the page to get you to the home page of the website hosting that story. If you like the story there is a good chance that the web site will have other items of interest to you. If there is no link to the home page of the website just edit the address in the address bar down to the .com part (or .org / .net etc) and click enter.

I subscribe to over 100 news feeds (I do 5 on a regular basis), each feed generates between 5 to 100 items a day. I am looking for things I did not know or have never seen before, things that rock my world. Some (not many) of the links may contain disturbing images, vulgarity or sexually explicit (no porn) articles. The articles I feel are must reads are listed in capitol letters. Most of the articles come from Digg or Reddit although there are many others.

If you live in La Manzanilla and have a shared links reader or just an interesting story, please send me the link and I will put a page up for you. We are living in a time where we do have a voice, a voice which we have never had before. Please learn, expand the realm of possibilities, express and enjoy the ride.


Houston sees insidious rise of Gulf Cartel

wave pool in Tokyo. Where's the water?

How to save $20 million with a mushroom

Tarantula Shoots Hairs into Owner's Eye

Dinner for one

Eric Burdon - Good Times (1988)

Fox news propaganda on Iran

Ikea job interview

High Five street crossing

Train Runs Through Bangkok Market

Team Fortress 2 - Saxton Hale


NASA -Blue Moon on New Year's Eve

Retirees Flock to Mexico for the Sun and the Health Care

Frontline - Tehran Bureau

The Footnotes to Understanding Power

Shallow water blackout - Wikipedia

Rock For Health - News

Kenyan elders killed in witch-hunt - 26 Dec 09

156 Countries Sing Together for the Starbucks Love Project

The Reality Party

Goldman Sachs' secret bets

Escopetarra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Solutions to Mexico's Drug Crisis -

Corporate Empire

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension

Stories of ridiculous lawsuits

Faces of Lawsuit Abuse

Slaying of drug war hero's family shocks Mexico

Problem loading page

Mexico City Lawmakers OK Gay Marriage

Neat photos

Gravity Swarm - OpenProcessing



Self inflation

Marriage proposal

Young Pittsfield Township man struggles with sex offender label

A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss

Hubble sees to edge of universe

Women in Art

Photog Arrested For Taking Pictures

ZNet - IWW Interview

Oxytocin, chemical addiction and the science of love

How Love Works

The most wired place on earth

Wanda Sykes - Sick & Tired

The Maria Bamford Show - 01 - Dropout

Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield - BBC comedy

Sunitha Krishnan's fight against sex slavery - YouTube

Indiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets

Cyclic Elevator


The Bone-Chilling Sound of the Planets

HDR tone mapped or exposure blended photos from Photomatix users

John Gary Maxwell: Health reform from my side of the surgery table

KdNCV.jpg (JPEG Image, 1183x642 pixels) - Scaled (81%)

Yiddish Dictionary

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World - YouTube

Come In/Go Away Doormat

Web inventor: 'Snooping' authorities threaten Internet

'Accidental' Download Sending Man To Prison

Mailman Forgets to put Truck in Park With 'Amazing' Results

The Internet Today, As Imagined When the Internet Was Born

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Welcome

The American form of government. [VIDEO]

The Year's Most Amazing Scientific Images

Vine seeds become 'giant gliders'

Amazing Dragon Illusion - YouTube

Pompeii, italy ruins - Google Maps

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder - Trailer

"War Is A Racket

Peter Joseph: "Where are we going?"

For The Love Of Mrs. Brown Sample - YouTube

Next total solar eclipse at my location

Krampus - Wikipedia

6 Extreme Sports

Highliner - YouTube

350 years of discovery - BBC

US Judges involved in human trafficking:

NASA - International Space Station

This American Life

STS-129 Shuttle Mission Imagery

Independence Day - Speech By The President - YouTube

'Botch after botch after botch'

Stephen Fry on the Joys of Swearing - YouTube

Switzerland votes on Muslim minaret ban - BBC News

Rex The Dog 'Bubblicious' - YouTube

stopmotion video - YouTube

So what has saving water got to do with making a fortune? - BBC


San Francisco Trolley Dash Cam Footage - 1909 (1st Person Perspective)

Click to Give @ The Animal Rescue Site

The Hidden Cost of War - YouTube

Nick Brandt : Photography

The Weiner Circle - YouTube

FlightAware - Free Flight Tracker

The dark side of the internet

2009 Photo Contest Winners - National Wildlife Magazine

Spot the difference?

Courtroom First: Brain Scan Used in Murder Sentencing

The Sixth Sense - Pranav Mistry at TED

Music and Life - YouTube

Inspired Bicycles - YouTube

Jack Challoner Motorcycle Trials - YouTube

How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world This may explain some of the pollution off the coast of La Manzanilla (click on Key chart)

If Earth had rings

Terrorism that's personal

Trampoline wall - YouTube

Spanish region takes hands-on approach to sex education

Great wall of China picture

Cannibals nabbed selling corpse to kebab house - Reuters - Comments and analysis on Mexico

Astronaut: World has no borders, pass immigration reform

Gang killed people for fat - Americas-

How a sewing machine works

Hmmmmm 1

Hmmmmm 2

COME SEPTEMBER - Arundhati Roy -YouTube


We. A documentary featuring the words of Arundhati Roy

The God of Small Things - YouTube

Dropping Knowledge

Fake 400 troy oz Gold bars found...from central bank transfer to Hong Kong.

Mexico's Juarez on path to anarchy - BBC NEWS

YouTube - Gravity Wheel Counter Clockwise test

YouTube - Magnetic hybrid motorbike unveiled in Japan

Japanese Crawling Robot - YouTube

Carver One car - YouTube

Hydrofoil Boat - YouTube

Michelin Tweel - You Tube

Amazing Kite Control - YouTube

YouTube - Rotors

Kite Power - YouTube

Hunger kills 17,000 kids daily -

No Way Through - YouTube

Josh Silver demos adjustable liquid-filled eyeglasses -

Inventor's 2020 vision: to help 1bn of the world's poorest see better

I will try to fix you - YouTube

Tombstone Generator

The everything skit - YouTube

What is that?

Tropfest NY 2008 winner, "Mankind Is No Island" - YouTube

All About My Dog - Marimo - YouTube

Super Sonic Blaster - Defense Tech

Ask Artificial Intelligence a question -

Copyright Time Bomb Set to Disrupt Music, Publishing Industries

Unlucky buck: Deer loses head-butt with lawn ornament


Bill Moyers Journal . Transcripts

Bet You Can't Do This - YouTube

Michael Moschen performs THE TRIANGLE - YouTube

Ball on a String Gam

Missing Honey Bees: What's going on?

How the US army protects its trucks by paying the Taliban

Chinese economics 101

Is it worth trying to maintain a friendly social relationship with an ex? : AskReddit

Frases para inspirar sobre la Confianza, el Amor y los Sueños - YouTube

Marianne Williamson discuses a mid life rebirth - YouTube

Marianne Williamson in the Living Luminaries movie - YouTube

Marianne Williamson Official Website

Nice Dance moves

Don't Judge My Hair

Artificial snowstorm brings chaos to Beijing

Head-to-Head Video Chat

Airport rules changed after Ron Paul aide detained - Washington Times

As I've spent more time on the internet, I've noticed my brain now needs to be stimulated all the time. : AskReddit

Information addiction - Wikipedia

Your "Representatives" in Congress - Mother Jones

Is That All There Is - Peggy Lee

Kitten and Parakeet Love story

Where the Money Goes

U.S. Suffered "Electronic Pearl Harbor"

How to Eat Watermelon

My Owner Is An Idiot

The naked face

Spot The Fake Smile

How To Know Citigroup Is In Serious Trouble


Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Onikoroshi: thinking


Israel: Remote control occupation?

Bias blind spot

stickK - Change Starts Now

How a pathological procrastinor can lose weight

Onikoroshi: Narcotecture


Teenager wings it with a fake airline

Shuttle Flight Termination

Killer dolphins baffle marine experts

Local motors

Horse Brand

Benford's Law

WNYC - Radiolab

True Random Number Service

Uninhabited islands - Wikipedia

Water, air

ThatsMyFace - See your face in 3D

Photo Shopped

Frown if you dare

Woman dubbed 'not bright' enough to marry

We broke the law, admits CIA agent convicted of rendition

Fear and Overreaction

Praying Mantis Eats Hummingbird

Half ton Son

Merchants of Cool

Albatross chicks fed plastic

Kamilo Beach - Wikipedia

Papercraft Self Portrait

Why America Should Care About Cybersecurity

Sheriff's is caught on tape swiping a document from a defense attorney

Blue Sun Bristling

Israel keeps up Palestinian evictions 04 Nov 09

The Most Stunning Medical Images of 2009

Scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Punching a Hole in the Earth

State's high court dismisses juvenile convictions

Mexican farmworker activist, 14 others slain

A wheat farmer has eliminated adding fertilizer to his crop

A BBC interview with an Israeli settler

Richard Feynman, the Challenger Disaster, and Software Engineering

October 2009

Backscatter x-ray machines "tear apart DNA"

Fake Al Qaeda Actors exposed

Some People


Nigerian oil pirates

Launch of the Ares I-X - The Big Picture

All-Sky Milky Way Panorama 2.0

In Search of Death

Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus

A Witness In Palestine

Malalai Joya: The woman who will not be silenced

Best view yet of Apollo landing site

Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life - Google Search

South Park Episode Player - Whale Whores

Extreme Sticky Note Experiments

Man Moves Huge Blocks!

Internet Black Markets - Part 3

Five correctional officers charged in dog fondling

Become an EX smoker

Touchscreen autopsy

Walmart / Sam's Club in China.

Where's the remotest place on Earth?

The Kumbaya Mentality

Linux LiveCD recommended for safer electronic banking

Pentagon bans book by Noam Chomsky

Test Tube - YouTube's ideas incubator

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut's War in Reverse

So It Goes. (Kurt Vonnegut 1922 - 2007)

Vonnegut Interview: November 2005

Kurt Vonnegut

The Infinite Mind in Second Life with Kurt Vonnegut

15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will

Trampoline Wall

Water bottle bike


iWatch PSA


Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot (Extended Version)

Harbour Bridge picnic may become annual


1992 World Scientists' Warning to Humanity

Why boys are turning into girls - Telegraph

The Symphony of Science - Spreading scientific knowledge and philosophy through music

Lucid Dreaming

Our Brains are Wired for Hypocrisy

Honest Mobile Home Commercial

General Biology - Video Course

Harvard "The Inner life of the Cell"

Harvard cell biology

Older Woman Smiling

Humpback whale battle filmed

Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China

Net Neutrality: Why You Should Care

ONEXONE - hope belongs to everyone

Amazing Juggling Finale

Nat Geo's 'Expedition Grizzly' featuring Casey Anderson

Brazilian music Institute 2009 - TICO TICO

Calvin and Hobbes - Supply and demand

2012 Enigma: Blueprint for a Golden Age"

Hitachi Hard Drive Project - Now with Robots!

Happy Farms Game Destroys Chinese Jobs, Relationships

Smoking Marijuana and Watching Nature Shows - Comedy

Latin American countries decriminalize marijuana, drugs Where recycling meets design

The Real News Network - The crisis will deepen, we need real news

Missions to Mar's

SkyTran - The future of travel.

Dilbert Cartoon- Engineers


NASA releases first-ever all-sky map

Magic milk

Can the world's richest man feed the planet?

Hugs with Lions - YouTube

Churches involved in torture, murder of thousands of African children denounced as witches

Dog howl

Las Gaviotas Journal - An Isolated Village Finds the Energy to Keep Going

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures

Peasants Worldwide Rise up Against Monsanto, GMOs

Carter-Ruck give up bid to keep Trafigura study secret

Greatest Discoveries - 3: Chemistry 1/5

Deformed babies in Fallujah/Iraq

TSA Agents Took My Son

The TSA Blog: Response to "TSA Agents Took My Son"

The cartoons of the Great Depression could apply to today's America

Desperation Street

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Africa's Atrocities in Pictures [Disturbing Images]

How Many Nukes will Destroy the World?

Baby survives after falling under train -

The spider that invented the wheel

Colombian hitmen reveal horror of the kill

Perpetual war is here - and Americans are getting used to it

We've Seen the Future, and It's Unmanned

Psychopaths are distracted, not cold-blooded

Bungee Jumper

Home Made Welding Machine

Black youth worker arrested for watching police wins compensation

The eyeballing game

Southeast exposure: package deal on solar

Female athlete sets new shot put record at age 100

List of statutory minimum employment leave by country - Wikipedia

Ignore the code

The American Civil War in four minutes.

Clever New Fan Has No Blades

Willie Nelson's Got a New Broadband Plan

Millau Bridge, France. World's Highest Bridge.

Spot the racist

School Children Sing Praises of Obama - YouTube

Old color Nazi photos

The 'youngest headmaster in the world


And the other Nobel Peace Prize nominees were...

Welcome to Debt City

What would your 10-Year-Old Self think of the adult you've become? : AskReddit

TEDTalks as of 10.09.09

Dog protects buddy

One stray dog drags another to safety on busy highway - Video

halloween toilet costume - Google Videos

Noam Chomsky - Coups, UNASUR, and the U.S.

Voyager Golden Record

Sperm Art: He Paints Using His Semen!


Children dancing Not sure what country this is from

50 years of spac exploration

Noam Chomsky: Philosophies of Language & Politics

Noam Chomsky: Big Business Dictates the Presidency - YouTube

The Man Who Prevented WWIII - DivineCaroline

Water World

Drink Coasters Can Test for Date-Rape Drugs

Pocho and Chito the Crocodille

Can one little smile make you feel better

A new book reveals what you don’t know about so-called ‘pure’ orange juice

Is there a website where I can input random ingredients that I find around my kitchen and receive recipe suggestions? : AskReddit

Golfer loses arm to alligator

The Speaking Piano

Fun with flies

Piano stairs - The fun theory - YouTube

Arcing wires blamed for explosion

Fuck Planet Earth - YouTube

Have You Listened to Your Program Today?

Cool DNA video

Amazing new sequencing technology - Video

5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe on Facebook -

Why I'm pro-vax

Saudis ask for aid if world cuts dependence on oil

Top 50 Conservative Websites Reveal Alarming Patterns

Watch The Translator - Sex & Shopping

Deputy who committed suicide accused of cancer scam

Are Hookworms the Next Claritin?

Ship Trails over the Pacific Ocean

Gore Vidal's United States of fury

Elephant Birth Nearly Ends In Tragedy.


Mehal Shah on How to Win at Scrabble

Kid Shreds on Accordion

5 Self-Destructive Ways People Accidentally Cured Themselves

Mexican Drug Cartels Face Economic Battle as U.S. Marijuana Growers Cut Into Their Profits « HempNews

Dust storm triggers ocean bloom


Roger Penrose Says Physics Is Wrong, From String Theory to Quantum Mechanics

File:The Drunkard's Progress

Brain Waves Surge Moments Before Death: Discovery News

Understanding the Genius Brain

Melting steel with sunlight - YouTube

When sceptics fight back - BBC NEWS

US raygun video released

Sharpie Art on Styrofoam Cups

Sweeten69 Secretion Sweetener for Her & Him

Trick or Treat

The Senate health care bill has 485 billion in subsides for the insurance companies

AIM Healthcare - Reference Library - Porn 101

Sharon Mitchell - Wikipedia

How ya doing?

5 Things found in Fat Folds

Burning Man time lapses

CCTV Ink TV Commercial

Missy Fight Club Photos

Woman's Shattered Life Shows Ground Beef Inspection Flaws -

Galactic Center Mosaic by Stéphane Guisard

"He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation"

Zeitgeist - The Movie

Sea of blood as Japan slaughters thousands of dolphins

Chessboxing - YouTube

Cloudy Coverup for Climate Change

Milton Friedman - I Don't Believe In Democracy - YouTube

Explanation of political spectrum, facism, socialism, communism, democracy

Crooked Contractors - YouTube

Sex / Pornography Addiction Support Group

Introducing the bra that is meant to be taken off

Trophy - Active defence developed in Israel - YouTube

Iran: More accomplished in one day of negotiations than in 8 years of threats

Should any Iraq lessons be applied to Iran?

For Train Operators, a Lingering Mix of Horror, Helplessness -

Reflections On Gandhi by George Orwell

Anti-wi-fi paint offers security

Tango - The Big Picture

The ascent of man (part 2): The hidden structure

William Blake - Auguries of Innocence

HubbleSite - Picture Album

LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Fake antivirus overwhelming scanners

The Taliban in Their Own Words -

Stunning images from the book A Child is Born

The Billion Dollar Gram

Lawsuit Alleges ER Doctor Let Man Die In Order to Steal His Rolex

Kids pray to cardboard cutout of George W. Bush

New Malware Re-Writes Online Bank Statements to Cover Fraud


THE SMILE TRAIN - The World's Leading Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Charity

Police Patrols, With Smiles That Never Tire -

The UK-Japan Climate Collaboration - Advanced visualisations

Nuclear program of Iran - Wikipedia

"From Arbenz to Zelaya: Chiquita in Latin America"

ICE touts $41 million cash seizure in Mexico, Colombia -

Child Preacher: Show Biz or Salvation? - ABC News

Stupid Forehead Tattoos

100 greatest hits of Youtube in 14 minutes

How to crack a combination lock

Review of babysitting ban ordered


Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity

Are We Living in "The Age of Stupid"?

London eye Ferris Wheel

The Bigger Ferris Wheels Get, the More Cash Flows

Buddhist monk recommends games for treating aggression

How do you handcuff a one-armed man? : AskReddit - Violence update

Google Wave

Lionel, After 9/11 Look What We Did

Someone is at the door

Meeting India's tree planting guru

FCC to Take a Stand on Net Neutrality

ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses

Human LCD : Close Up Video

X-15: To the Edge of Space

New pieces of world's oldest Bible found in monastery

How the U.S. compares in health care

US Contractors - Suspension and Debarment The Site that Lets You Track Paper Money's Travels

Handcuffs Photo

Breakdance project Uganda

The Body Count at Home -

Know the 10 Signs of.....I forget

Genetic seamstress uses molecular fingers to tweak DNA

A Study In Modern Chop Marks on the dollar bill

Human and Robots: Visions of the Future

Marijuana Arrests For Year 2008: 847,864

Change photographs

First they came for the smokers, and I did not speak out because I did not smoke. :

Why I Don't Believe - Morality Test

Gene Expression: Did iatrogenic harm select for supernatural beliefs?

Belly dancing - Nine Quarters Act

YouTube - What is that? Father / Son

HAARP - Holes In Heaven

Take a "Swift" Tour of the Andromeda Galaxy - NASA

Mediocrity is underrated (or better is the enemy of good enough)

Newly discovered eye cells can warn us that an object is coming nearer, and do so without the brain's help. via

Photography for the Blind

Map territory relation - Wikipedia

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood

Parents Struggle to Break Cycle of Abuse - ABC News

Frank Schaeffer on Rachel Maddow

Robotic Bear Helps Nurses Carry Patients

Drug addicts under the influence of narcotics (36 pics) NSFW

Husky Dog Talking - " I love you"

Could we create quantum creatures in the lab?

10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid

The $150 Space Camera: MIT Students Beat NASA On Beer-Money Budget

Body In Photography - National Geographic

Third World Robocop - Robot

Military robot 'hops' over walls

Run, Izzard, run and run again

Scientists find CO2 link to Antarctic ice cap origin

Storm chaser In pictures

Technological singularity

Videos Posted by Black Women: Lil Spanish Dance Orgy | Facebook

performance O de Sagazan 08 - YouTube Articles about

xkcd - A Webcomic - Snopes


So, I just got this email about, how should I reply? : AskReddit

African girls and hair NSFW

20 minutes with the president

FBI Report: One Drug Arrest Made Every 18 Seconds

Under "That" Tree

Beginner Solution to the Rubik's Cube

Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss - YouTube

Why capitalism fails - The Boston Globe

Teaparty, Boise, Medicare, Socialism Pictures

The Day I Died. - YouTube

New York's Golden Age: The 1940s - Photo Gallery - LIFE

'I told the US to talk to the Taliban. They jailed me'

Gang Violence - Money in Politics -- See Who's Giving & Who's Getting

Rick Sanchez Investigates Corruption in Politics - YouTube

The Burning of Zozobra - Official Site

Zozobra - Google Images

The Earth and Moon

Learning Things - YouTube

Phases of the Moon 3D animation - YouTube

Wooden Bikes

Showing ID to police

Speed Cooking in China - YouTube

Christopher Hitchens being a BAMF.

Top 7 Funniest And Oddest Annimal Moments

PHOTOS: Giant Ocean-Trash Vortex Documented--A First

Extrem Diver

102 Minutes That Changed America (1/2)

God Fighter - YouTube

wtf? - pictures photos pics gallery

10 Extraordinary Child Prodigies


Russian Sand Sculptures

Emilio Morenatti Photos / Heavy Rescue

Time displacement experimental video

Christopher deCharms looks inside the brain

Global fires map

Richard Clarke: "A Lot of the Cases After 9/11 Were Manufactured or Enormously Exaggerated and Were Announced with Great Trumpets by the" Government

The Starving Criminal by Theodore Dalrymple

Open-source camera could revolutionize photography (w/ Video)


BILL MOYERS INTERVIEWS WENDELL POTTER OF CIGNA - The most revealing interview that I have ever linked to. This goes beyond health insurance, it is indicative of the normal operating procedure of goverment on every level.


Health Care Since the Clinton Era

need to study health insurance in other countries


Can a mere domain name be defamation? Glenn Beck says yes - Ars Technica : Last Voyage of the Lucette - Book Review

stripcreator : make your own comic strips

2 Plymptoons - YouTube

Michael Moore's Smash and Grab

SFPD undercover squad takes aim at Tenderloin

How to kiss a woman by Captain Kirk

Barbra Walters interviews Sean Connery on smackin' bitches

Bitch Dependency - YouTube

Pimp Slap from How High - YouTube

A New Meaning for OT

Buddha-shaped pears

Repentant man breeds 4,600 scorpions

They Would Rather Be Misinformed

Behind the veil lives a thriving Muslim sexuality

Crystal Cave of Giants - Naica, Mexico

Why I Love Al Jazeera

Control Room - Propaganda of the Iraq War

Time Lapse - Los Angeles to New York City - YouTube

Noam Chomsky on Marijuana

Bubbling cauldrons of gas

2nd prize stories - World Press Photo

Honorable Mention - World Press Photo

Beijing scrambles to find scapegoats

The Praxeology* of the Drug War: Who Knew?

Ron Paul on Trash TV, 1988 - YouTube

Trophy wife

Federal budget

Reverse Engineering Techniques to find Security Vulnerabilities Tutorial

Moonshine returns!

Russian Begging Cat

Silent disco craze spreads

Noam Chomsky Interview on CBC

Obama speech to school children:

The Amazing Shapes People See in The Clouds

Campaign Finance Case Tests Value of Precedent

Seven rules for reporting polls and research results

Has anyone used Kiva before? : AskReddit

JAIME ALBARRAN, WANTED FUGITIVE - YouTube Wow, killing as if it were nothing.

Ashley Dupre: New York Society Women are Whores Too

Down the Hatch: A Nation's Character Revealed

Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess & How We Can Get Out

Is America Ready to Admit Defeat in Its 40-Year War on Drugs?

Predicting ethnic violence - why good neighbours need good fences

Dialect Survey Results

What does one trillion dollars look like?

Man held after kissing daughter

Extreme steel 'Velcro' takes a 35-tonne load

Race mixing is communism

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever - YouTube

Manichaeism - Wikipedia

A Lesson to Remember: I forgot to Live

Mattress Wallet: Financial Comfort

Can you believe what this man has done with wood

Dick Cheney only had to delay things a couple minutes

A Flock of Birds

Electric Stunning of Pigs and Sheep - YouTube


Mosquito Bites: The Real Reason Some People Are Immune -

Evolution Reveals An Independent Route For Diversity In Animal Form

Bullet through jelly

Icy jellies

Customization On Realtime World's New Game APB (All Points Bulletin)

Some fences are just different than others

What would happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other? : AskReddit

Draw toy

Depression's Evolutionary Roots

Mobile towers and colony collapse dissorder

The Great American Purge

High-Speed Robot Hand

New Phishing

Lori Drew Opinion Handed Down -- Judge Grants Motion To Dismiss on Vagueness Grounds:

U.S. unveils new rules on border searches of laptops

The rise and fall of the dollar 1800 - 2009

Marijuana's new high life

Money makes you selfish?

Unwise Microwave Experiment

Up is down (1969)

Glen Beck and Ron Paul


"A Timeline of CIA Atrocities : Reddit

The lies that led to Iraq

David After Dentist Viral

The Great American Bubble Machine : Rolling Stone

70,000 Beer Cans Found in Ogden Townhouse

List of unusual deaths

Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98!

Bubble magic

Former Ku Klux Klan leader Johnny Lee Clary

Why We Believe Lies, Even When We Learn the Truth

Air Traffic Control Quotes : funny

Katrina, Four Years Later: Expert Fired Who Warned Levees Would Burst

Watching My First Abortion

Argentina Decriminalizes Personal Drug Consumption

Eurotrash Cloaca the poo machine

The GOP embraces the big lie

Crypt above Marilyn Monroe for sale

Israel's West Bank settlements: a new reality, brick by brick

Air shower set to cut water use by 30 per cent

AT&T: iPhone deal blocks VoIP over cellular

Folding Plug System

A School Bus for Shamsia

How To Make A Tire Planter

Xcite Bike


Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Corporate personhood has been challenged in supreme court : politics

$10,000 bribe got Iraq bombers past security checkpoints

Feynman 'Fun to Imagine' 6: The Mirror

Diver perches on the fin of friendly 50ft humpback whale

Year's Best Optical Illusion

State Slaps Dr. Do-Good

My uncle brought this flashlight back from India

26 CG Portraits

HP's Ridiculous Shipment Packaging

Bizarre newt uses ribs as weapons

Why AT&T Killed Google Voice

Tenga flip hole (mastrabation)


Inside the mouth of a leatherback sea turtle.

Arrow of time no longer double-ended

Humpback Whale: Hunting Technique

Pink Floyd members discuss recording "Money"

Buddha's Savage Peace

Elephant foot

Improbable Research Collection #119: MRI Sex

Junior Championships Indoorcycling

Vortex Smoke Ring Collision is Today's BIG Thing in Technology

Magic Poop Collector

LIFE: The Parisians

Comcast favors Fox News, charges $204 more for MSNBC package

WW2 Bomb shelter

Chinese pickpockets

The world's worst polluter: U.S. military

Sand Dancer

Remembering Woodstock

International Space Station comes together

Festival of balloons

Oregon Waterfalls

The Wages of untouchables are wrapped in a leaf and dropped from a safe distance into their hands.

Hell Yeah, Hubble! : Starts With A Bang

The Most Amazing Photo of the Universe, Now In 3D - Ultra Deep Field

13-year old stoned to death in Somalia


Schrödinger's Kitten: ÿThe Fruit Is A Lie

Bertrand Russell Quotes


Best Fake Punt Ever (Bills/Titans)

Son of cop rear-ends some people, calls cop father & tells him they hit HIM.

Family ties that don't bind cops

We The People Stimulus Package

Does drinking mineral water have health benefits?


Paypal adds new fees with no notice

Modern Love - Those Aren't Fighting Words, Dear -

Female sexual abuse: The untold story of society's last taboo

Last Day Dream

Rubber plantation workers, punished for failing to...



How Not To Wash Your Car

800-ton Massive Liebherr Mining Excavator

Cool Laser Pattern Sound Test Video

Hiroshima, 64 years ago

TN Cops Plant Drugs, Abuse Suspect

Tenga Japan Sex Toy for Men

Gallery - Innovation: Award-winning product design of 2009

Black light scorpion

Monolith on Mars

Student Invents Bicycle Which Folds Into 26-Inch Wheel Circumference

TwitPic Wall by Aaron Bassett

Building a Balancing Scooter

Re: Smalltalk Data Structures and Algorithms

Turkey demolition goes wrong

Types of Clouds

The Horror of Corrective Rape on the Rise in South Africa

Dirty fun at mud festiva

Human Powered Monorail Racetrack

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse on Vimeo

Cop Gets Into MJ Flashmob

Six Christians killed over Quran claims

Alabama ban of wine with nude nymph on label is marketing boon

60 Second Brain Game - Another Airplane Scorpion Attack

Panic aboard flight as croc takes mid-air stroll

Hot Girl Syndrome

The Flip Flop recycled

Everyone Hates the Cops

Wilt Chamberlin, Andre the Giant and Arnold Swartzneger

Technology on way to forecasting humanity's needs

Elevator Psychology

Homeless Man Leaves Behind Surprise: $4 Million : NPR

Ares Homepage

Divorce 'health scars permanent'

Chicago tenant's Twitter slam draws suit

You've got (offensive) mail

The psychology of overconfidence : The New Yorker

Physics. It's great.: A bored grocery clerk ..

Big Fat Lies

YouTube - Entombed-Chief Rebel Angel (Live)

Rat Brain Robot

Scientists Study Distinct Ecosystem at Ocean's Surface -

What's in Your Pockets?

Researchers can't reproduce results of '79 cognitive load study

Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party

Recycling the French Model

No one wants to be The Slut.

Dylan Ratigan, Eliot Spitzer Take On The Fed In Skit

Federal law now criminalizes activities

Jeff McMahon - Scorched Earth - More of the Arctic ice photos kept secret by the Bush Administration

To Run Better, Start by Ditching Your Nikes

The World Without Us


Productive Nanosystems (From molecules to superproducts)

How DNA copies itself. [VIDEO]

15 life lessons learned from SimCity


Hat fail

Humming bird Nest

Love in 2-D

U.S. Could Feed 800 Million People With Grain That Livestock Eat

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

X-ray analyses of speech

Anatomy - Wikipedia

10 More Utterly Disgusting Foods

Imaging of Ultraweak Spontaneous Photon Emission from Human Body Displaying Diurnal Rhythm

Humans Glow in Visible Light

Could you survive without money?


Young programmers win big

Saucy illicit sign points to Constance Bay's 'charms'

Kenedy Space center

Woo Woo

Lunar rover - Wikipedia

Apollo 17 Lunar Roving Vehicle


Erupting Volcano Anak Krakatau

Continue Time - Clock

Maiden Voyage of the Plastiki

Pink-wing flying fish

How it works

What does Climate Model output look like?

Electric Toothbrush

Desire In Women: Does It Lead To Sex? Or Result From It?

Totally Wasted | Mother Jones

That commenter on your blog may actually be working for the Israeli government

Bodybuilding Area

NASA - Exploring the Moon, Discovering Earth

Facebook says, "Don't mind us, we're just whoring out your photos"

The Jonestown Death Tape

NASA - LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites

Air Race: Bird Strike


Jesse Ventura: They Spent 100 Million Dollars Investigating Clinton But Only 4 Million On 9/11!

The Real Matrix

Orgasm Arts

Jimmy shoe repair

I don't think she is coming back

PhoneTrace - locate a mobile/cellular phone anywhere in the world!

Strength in Poland

Rorschach test - Wikipedia

We Choose the Moon

'Rosetta Stone' Of Bacterial Communication Discovered

This is what an IED looks like


Weird Cycle!

Jamaican Pot Smuggling Attempt from 1979

Wowaholics Anonymous


New Skyline Crossover is Packed with Auto Technology

If mom can't pay, adult child must

Nazi photos


Kiss-in planned for Mormon Plaza

Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot


My 12 hours as a madman

Newlyweds jailed for killing man

Children: Father didn't abuse us: Ex-Vancouver police officer spent nearly 20 years in prison

Sea Breacher

I'm Like A Chocoholic, But For Booze


The Matrix Is Real

Plato's Cave (animated version)

Lionel Poilâne: 1945-2002

South American Glass Frog


Exorcising the US national debt

How Large Is a Petabyte?

Truth vs Lies

Buenos Aires Herald

fountain pictures from austria photos on webshots

Life Expectancy Calculator

World Clock

Internet Meme Database | Know Your Meme

English Russia

This much I know:

Antlix Lollipop

The Sun Has Spots, Finally

Where the Ship sails

Can Cell Phone Towers Predict The Next 'Hurricane Katrina'?

Amazing Laser Spacecraft

Fascism Coming to a Court Near You

New algorithm guesses SSNs using date and place of birth

On Hearing and Speaking the Truth

Banning lobbying could save American democracy

We Now Have A Total Gangster Government

This Guy Does Not Get Laid

Washington Post Apologizes for a Salon Promotion

Star Wars "Cantina Band" on Chapman Stick

Wind power may have its own environmental problems

Peace Now activists assaulted on video

King Douchebag

Hollywood actresses without makeup pics

Walking miles in Palestinian feet

Smokers face $20 cigarette packs

Comedian comes clean on alcoholism

Vacheron Constantin's Mercator America

unique watch

The Big Whorehouse On The Potomac

How to quit smoking - Helium

Could you pass the latest citizenship test?

Dave Chapelle - Men and Women Phsycology


The Declaration of Independence - The Signers

Incredible Underground Lakes and Rivers

A Perfect Fake (Documentary) part1

Real Doll experiences (pt1/5)

Homeland Security Terror Threat level

Self-help 'makes you feel worse'

Freight Train vs Tornado

Flash flood

Good Samaritan

The Most Venomous Scorpions of the World

Risks of Female Masturbation According to Islamic Teachings

cock o lada

World most unusual places to sleep at night

Mobile machines help Clinic cope with shortage of specialists

Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

We The People Stimulus Package

How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

Motion Trio - You dance

Some Shell Houses


Road safety - bleeding billboard

Al Franken - The 'Absentee' Senator

Crazy guy hangs off crane

Sears Tower unveils glass balconies on Skydeck

Michael Jackson Talks To Oprah Part 6

Not Giving a Fuck!


Alcohol kills over half of Russians in prime-study

converted Church into Home

2 year old Lights Up Cigarette And Smokes It.

Nuclear at Turkey Point

Motorcycle / Car

Weapons: Our #1 Export?

Weapons exports and military welfare - Community Funded Reporting

Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers

UCLA collaboration identifies immune system link to schizophrenia

Mad monk's member features big in museum

Weird Japanese Body Modification with saline inflations



The Present & Future of Mind-Reading Technology

NO Swine Flu in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Be Proud America

The Bicycle Thief

penguin poo pix

Malcolm Gladwell reviews Free by Chris Anderson

Betraying the Planet -

There, I Fixed It.

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

Animator vs. Animation


How to Detect Evil

The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others

Very creative

First Image of a Memory Being Made

Hackety Hack - teaching and learning

Serial killers and politicians share traits

Recent scenes from the ISS

A Year on Ice: Antarctica Time Lapse

Drinking Bird

Beautiful flying lanterns

Horror of Kenya's 'witch' lynchings

South African rapist: 'Forgive me'

Death and American Guns in Mexico

Hiroshima shadows

Life inside a water bottle

The blue and the green

Real-time air traffic sim keeps track of 16,000 flights

Man digs 50ft hole to fish - in his kitchen

The key to 3-D vision

NOAA - Probability of Precipitation Forecasts

William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab

Global Rich List

Dangerous Entertainment

One Day = $720 Million

The new conservative rap


What happens when you are honest

Outpouring of support keeps soapmaking family afloat

Alcoholic Architecture

1972: Live action kaleidoscope

Sperm and egg

The great safety camera swindle

4 Of The World's Strangest Airport Runways

Girls & Corpses

Coming soon, cars which would allow drivers 'to eat and sleep'

Jesus Walk, AMAZING kiteboarding trick!!

0 to 267 mph (427 kmh) in 5 seconds!

Fresh from graduation

Walkalong Glider

Study shows politicians share personality traits with psychopaths


Reject the Herd - Where Thought Crime Is Commited


Smashed Frog

Color and Reality

Study shows politicians share personality traits with psychopaths


Tiny Clip-On TV

2% of Cops Cause Almost 100% of Police Brutality

Honda - Enabling Multiple ASIMO Robots to Work Together in Coordination"

Cummingtonite - Wikipedia

Node Power Outlet Makes Power Strips Almost Useless


Vampire artist drinks his own blood

My dad saved me, and I killed him

Parents banned from taking pictures of their own children at sports day


Images reveal full horror of 'Amazon's Tiananmen'


Idiocracy (2006) - Memorable quotes

Crazy Baseball Spin Swing

Female MMA Fighter Chokes Out Reporter

Tear Down This Cyberwall!

Threat Level

Little Man

Shadow photos


Bringing Album Covers to Life

Iran's Netwar

Canadian search and rescue teams may shut down as a result of lawsuit

The Religion Virus: One Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language

A crusading Catholic priest destroyed the entire written Mayan language and history : atheism

Roger Ebert's Journal: Archives


Holst - Jupiter

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

Hubble ultra deep field

Astronomy questions from kids, Part 1

Powerful Nutrient Cocktail Can Put Kids with Crohn's into Remission

How taxes work

House on wheels

Poor suffer from road crashes


High-Speed Photos by Alan Sailer

Man Begins Manufacturing Revolutionary 110 MPG Car Engines

How Much House Can $10,000 Buy?

Kim Jong-Il Bodyguards

Japan panics about the rise of "herbivores"

Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via "Crop Circles"


World of Change

Africa in perspcetive

Thrust SSC - Still The Fastest Land Vehicle (763.035mph avg)

Teen Decomposes Plastic Bag in Three Months

Struggle within Iranian elite

A 'time bomb' for world wheat crop


Bad taste.........but fun

You are being monitored

The Facebook revolt of Iran's youth isn't over yet

The Freedom Fighter's Manual - Wikipedia

Checkmate at the Yellowstone Club

Giant blue whale floats belly-up after being killed in a tragic collision with a ship


It's police vs. police in Mexican drug war

The Single-Family Power Plant

1-click Award


he Holy Land Experience

Guns, Germs and Recession: The Curse on Mexican Tourism

Decline and Fall: Donald Rumsfeld's Dramatic End

World. Photos - Right angle

Jonathan Torgovnik's photographs of children born of rape during the Rwandan genocide

Don't Worrry - be happy

A Guide to Grinding Video

Venezuela bans Coke Zero

Panicking chiropractors order slash-and-burn of their own websites

Undercover Interview- I Was a Sniper

Kotaku - This Flight Sim Needs 120 Graphics Cards Just To Get Off The Ground

The Major Players: Who Is Winning the Arctic Game of Monopoly?

Teen diagnoses her own disease in science class

Record-Breaking Superlens Smashes Diffraction Limit

STEALING A NATION - The story of Diego Garcia

Nokia Prototype Generates Power from Ambient Radiation

Wired Editor Outwits Google with DIY Aerial Drone

Frank McGarahan: Killing of a good samaritan


Plastic Ban in Kashmir

Battle of Antietam, 1862 - 13 Battles That Turned the Tide

Dozens Dead After Police Open Fire on Indigenous Oil Protesters in Peruvian Amazon

You Call That A Shot?

The 10 Coolest Places to Swim

Hoax Makes Employees Strip, Break Windows

Stray Dogs Overwhelming Bangkok

What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?

Monster Jellyfish

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It


Global Temperatures Chart 2500 BC to 2040 AD

Plane Landing

How the Other 0.00000003 Percent Lives

Charlie Rose - Lawrence Lessig on Free Culture


Lawrence Lessig and the Future of the Internet

A young talented artist


The Unintended Consequences of Solar Power



How did 100,000,000 women disappear?

Expletive infixation

Execution by elephant

Skateboarding Girls

BB hitting a bubble

Bill Connolly Fuck Off

Encounters At the End of the World


General Eisenhower's Message to the Troops just before D-Day

The bid to corner world's bluefin tuna market

Something is happening in Iran

Thanks for the blast, North Korea

The Hidden Hunger

World's most pointless machine

12 Bizarre Car Anti-Theft Devices

20 Fantastic Examples of Kinetic Typography

As Go the Hippos

BioVisions - The Inner Life of the Cell

Speakeasy - Speed Test


Review of Hillside Gardens Apartments in San Diego, CA

Teach a Kid to Argue

Everything you always wanted to know about female ejaculation

Cool Shades Tape

Typical human mass throughput in pounds per day

Dog poo brigade

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: Signs and Symptoms

10 Tips Good Girls Can Learn from Porn Stars

Could You Pass 6th Grade Sex Ed?

Only 50 years left' for sea fish

10 Christ-like Figures Who Pre-Date Jesus - Listverse

Do Not Play the Lottery Unless You Are a Millionaire

What Are the Odds?

Lint Girls

Amazing Digital Surround Sound - Virtual Barbershop

Stupid Crook of the Month

Intel experts: Dick Cheney was wrong about Bush administration moves

Mary Roach: 10 things you didn't know about orgasm - the hottest videos on the internet right now

Man Gets Flat Tire, State Threatens Foreclosure

Concrete - Wikipedia

Recycled plastic in concrete - Google Search

How Silicon Chips Are Made

Brazilian prison

Revolutionary zeroG® technology to reduce workplace injuries

Drinking from Plastic Bottles 'Increases Exposure to Gender-Bending Chemical'

The Petiole Hammock

American Amnesia: We Forget Our Atrocities Almost As Soon as We Commit Them

TIM LEARY interview - 1996

PediSedate - gently sedates youngsters

The Science News Cycle

Goose flies upside-down

CRIPS AND BLOODS: Made in America . The Film

"Im Tired Of" Jewelry Raises Awareness

more stuff doesn’t lead to more happiness

Mexican president: US authorities complicit in drug trafficking

Child Exploitation and Obscenity (CEOS)

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the ... - Google Book Search

Lyrics for Viking/Barbarian Birthday Dirge

Radar image of Hawaii

The 6,000 year old 'Have' and 'Have Not' War is now in our face

Woman cuffed for not holding escalator handrail

Dolphin Sex

Howard Rheingold on collaboration


Phony cops break 59 drug gang members from Mexico prison

Why did the peoples of the New World fail to invent the wheel?


Underwater 'flying machine' launched

Do you ever feel like people in some other culture are happier than you? : AskReddit

Underwater World by Anatoly Beloshchin

Polar Bear Attack (Photos)

The break of the curveball - Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest

Helen Fisher tells us why we love + cheat

Color Test

Actual footage of Pastor Beaten & Tased by Border Patrol & DPS

Actual footage of Pastor Beaten & Tased by Border Patrol & DPS :

This is What a Sexless Marriage Feels Like

This is what a sexless marriage feels like :

Better Late &

Anti-Anorexia Art

Can you do it too?

Ball back flip

Keeping Warm

Get it, Miss Pole Dance

The new homeless

Contact Officials - NORML

New Bomb Capable Of Creating 1,500 New Terrorists In Single Blast | The Onion

Mexico Senate OKs bill to legalize drug possesion

A Perfect Fake: PENISTRON

I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009

Gregg Pritchard - Singer - Britains Got Talent

Richard Feynman: I don't like honours

Square Meal #4

Searching the Elusive Bonobo in Congo » bonobo

Rat king (folklore) - Wikipedia

18 Billion Suns -Biggest Black Hole in Universe Discovered

Police goof in raid, city stalls on damages

Pop Up Guide to the Personal Computer

Water Rights and Rain

"If you are pro-Palestinian or pro-Israel you are not helping us "You are just feeling good about yourself."

She's Israeli, he's an Arab. War has made them like mother and son

Extreme Drifting

Most distant object ever seen.

Seagull thief

60 Minutes Exposes Chevron's Environmental Atrocity in the Amazon

The Harlem Miracle

The Crisis of Credit - by Jonathan Jarvis

LEAP/Europe 2020

Leap2020 - Wikipedia

English | LEAP/Europe 2020

Daily Focus: U.S. Congress Approves Funding for War Against Drugs in Mexico

Mark Twain Motivational Posters

Thinking Machine 4: Play the Game

What Goes Around

What Goes Around :reddit

Pay Pal change (sneaky)

Tom the Dancing Bug

Travel time to major cities

Road to nowhere - Google Search

On the road to nowhere

8 Trivial Reasons for Biblical Slayings by God

The vice guide to sex

Rogers will charge 15 cents for incoming text messages

Chomsky On Adam Smith

1984 - Who put the weight of the world on my shoulders?

13 things that do not make sense

Swedish Pirate Party may get seat in EU Parliament

Body-Mod: Elf ears

What is the Monkeysphere?

How Michael Osinski Helped Build the Bomb That Blew Up Wall Street

War On Food

Government declares war on food.


The aghoris from wildboyz season 3 - Jackass Video

The Aghori. A Hindu sect that practices cannibalism. - graphic

Think Swine Flu is fizzling out? We'd better hope so, because in spring 1918, Spanish flu looked like it was doing the same thing. In autumn 1918 it returned and went on to kill 70 million people.

Texas police shake down drivers

Graphic Epileptic Seizure Footage

Power Trip Monthly

The Truth about Facebook!

Russian Living Statues Contest

Pimpin' Lessons from A Pimp Named Slickback

Eels in crisis after 95% decline in last 25 years


Locating Devices before Radar was invented

China Forces Dozens of Mexican Travelers Into Quarantine

Crazy Christian Camp For Children!

Senators Who Sold Us Out

How the man in a van outsmarted Microsoft

Will work for tickles

A life of tension, fear for sexual predators living under Miami bridge


How can I get over this traumatic experience from my youth? : AskReddit

Why is it that whenever I'm having a hard time with anything, I associate it to every single difficult moment or negative experience I've ever experienced in my life? : AskReddit

The Varieties of Biblical Marriage

What's something you have done, or continue to do, that has significantly improved your overall happiness? : AskReddit

Albert Pike plans Three World Wars!

Lunar Light

U.S. Gas Fields Go From Bust to Boom

Sugar Stacks - How Much Sugar Is in That?

Hip Hip Violin And DJ

Dunkelziffer Tentacle

Dear public servant

A short history of America - Robert Crumb

The 2009 TIME 100

An ex-drug smuggler's perspective

Yoyo champion

Take the Donkey to the barn and fuck it.

YooouuuTuuube - The Beatles - Come Together - 36 Rows - 36 Columns


Ying Yang Twins - Wait The Whisper Song

Interesting Facts: Interesting Date # 3 - May Day Facts

The Mapping of a Cat's Brain

Portuguese Man o' War - Wikipedia

Body Invaders

Emotional Freedom Technique

The Swine Flu Pandemic  Fact or Fiction?

Iran-Contra affair - Wikipedia

Ames' Window illusion

Caffeine Soap

Obesity Leading To Climate Change

1940's russian dog experiment

Timeline of a Car Crash

RoboZZle Game

Engineering @ Facebook's Notes

After the Great Recession - An Interview With President Obama

Human types

Amazing One-Man-Band Street Performer in Croatia

OSHO: BEING IN LOVE (starts at 2:00)

09-04-22 - Fin off in the off season - Reddit, the crack cocaine of the Internet


Agriculture dying in Iraq

Morning hot air balloon flight

Arrest reflects Japan's interest in modified Korean men

I tried to hijack a US ship

Story of One Photo

Rope Jumping in Armenia

Firefighters lift car

Celebration of Colors

Super Realistic Wolf Costume

Weird Japanese inventions

Rev Peter Popoff Exposed again

Cincinnati's Masked Super Hero

World Superhero Registry

drugs - the worm within

Canada: Cops can now 'take all your stuff'

Kennedy Space Center (38 pics)

Scarify a road surface

The Great Brazilian Sat-Hack Crackdown

Science of Sex Appeal: Sexy Body Motions"

Michelle Bachmann Attempts To Explain Why Climate Change Doesn't Exist

Crucifixion Fail

Pick the Perp

Digg User in a Nutshell on Flickr

Eddy Currents using my Bracelet

Magnet drops super-slowly through an eddy tube

One Step Closer To A Holodeck: Eon's ICube

Faith Fighter game unites religions in outrage

The World's Most Influential Person Is....

If There Was a Tunnel All The Way Straight Through The Earth - AskReddit

Why redheads feel more pain

Aprueba el Senado dosis personal de droga y ley de combate al narcomenudeo |

Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?

The Portuguese Experiment: Did Legalizing Drugs Work? -

H1N1 Swine Flu - Google Maps

Free Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe Hugs

Women Know Your Limits

Repeat after me "I am free"

Worlds Largest Model Rocket

What assumptions have you made in life that later turned out to be extremely wrong?

Banks/Credit Card Companies Have Found Yet Another Way

We left 20 wallets around the GTA. Most came back

Insider Selling Soars

Amy and David Goodman: Standing Up to the Madness

The Drug War: A Bonanza for the Enemies of Freedom

Peering into North Korea

Jussi Halla-aho to stand trial for blasphemy against Allah

Mind-reading headsets will change your brain

25 Divided By 5 Equals 14


this beach is MEAN

Death-Defying Stunt Video

My bullied son's last day on Earth

How to obtain Hot Ice

Donated Lungs Breathing Outside the Body

Zize of atomic bombs

Teen girls are swapping sex for ... just about anything

Baby T-Pain

Martin Luther King Sings


Amazing Rube Goldberg Machine

The way to solve problems

Change your Mind Change your Brain: The Inner Conditions

The Human Water Fountain

International Space Station comes together

Craig Ferguson 4/20 Late Late Show opening song

More Love From The Middle Easts Only democracy

In Search of Death Just when you think you have heard it all.

I Believe in Advertising

Venus-Moon Conjunction, April 22, 2009

Comparative Religions

"I think the worst punishment is knowing that all you old guys saw me naked.

ASIMOs new artificial intelligence

Google Similar Images

Mouse eyes


imgur : the simple image sharer

Have a break... have the Messiah

Cassini's continued mission

The Best Cyber Sex

Playboy Journo Bets He Can Endure 15 Seconds Of Waterboarding

Eliot, T. S. 1922. The Waste Land

Five people suspected to be witchcrafts were bruterly murded in kisii Nyamataro Village - VERY GRAPHIC - This video will change your life, hopefully, eventually for the better.

My Students. My Cellphone. My Ordeal.

Pussy versus Printer

Bonobo Sex and Society

Life in the Slums of Mumbai


Life In Slums Of Mumbai

Laurel & Hardy - Hollywood Party (1934)

Robotic arm extend authors' signatures over cyberspace

Torture Memos Are Not Just Sick, They're Also Full of Lies

One Eyed Monster NSFW

Obama song - Michael Franti and Spearhead

Really motivated seller

Toilet paper roll sculptures

Steatopygia - Wikipedia

Thief to victim - You can have your car back

What Would Jesus NOT Do?

King family draws fees from DC memorial project

In Search of the "Perfect" Vagina

The incredible daredevil who balances on the edge of 1,000ft cliffs

Soldigers tombstone

Trampoline Demo Video

American Civil Liberties Union : Office of Legal Counsel Memos

SourceWatch - SourceWatch

Examples Of Astroturfing

Judge Rules That Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores

Holy Ghost VS Andy C & MC GQ - 1

Holy Ghost VS Andy C & MC GQ - 2

Lucky's Funeral

Tuned cars

Unique stair

40 powerful depictions of the human emotion

Bacon: the Other White Heat


Willpower Doesn't Exist: The New Way to Get Stuff Done

The rich buy the stupid and manufacture a movement

Child Labor

The surest way to corrupt a youth

Bush is back


Where your tax dollars are being spent

U.S. seeks extradition of alleged drug leader known as 'Queen of the Pacific'

2009 Huricane predictions for Mexico


Knock Nevis - Wikipedia

The Bible as 4 chan explains it

The Woman Who Can't Forget

The Pursuit of Laziness

James D. Watson on science and genetics

Size of our planet and Hubble deep field

Our ears may have built-in passwords

Slow Motion Lightning

Little girl thanks officer, touches hearts

1,600 Stacked Chairs

Scientists Convert Nuclear Energy to Power without Steam

Japanese Prank Show

134 m Bungee Jump in New Zealand

Nevis Arc Swing

Inventist, Inc


Burning Man 2007 - Spider vs. Big wheel drag race

The Amazing Aqua Plane

Dirtbike on water

Worlds Weirdest Cars

Introduction of 2008's New Bicycle


EVO CYCLE Concept Bicycle Bike Design

Wheel Stand Contest

Grandpa Caleb on Easter06

Burning Man 2008 - Halcyon's Pink Ride & HugNation

"Bats In The Wind" - Burning Man 2008

Rogue's Gallery Of ATM Skimmers

Toxic scandal in Somalia gave birth to new piracy

You Left Without a Name


Circuit face bending

how to sleep while standing in the train

Huge skateboard ramp built into the side of a mountain

Stop motion with wolf and pig

Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009

Single-finger text input

The great debate

Turtle with shark fins

How to be Miserable

"My Darling?" Tales Of Mere Existence

The Life Simulator

It's over. Best Hallowe'en costume 2009. This guy. :


The Holy Gospel of the Easter Bunny

Ananova - Russian man survives five storey fall - twice

Inventor turns cardboard boxes into eco-friendly oven

Hawks perspective

The Drone Wars Have Begun

The Talking (Photo) Booth from Tonight Show

Laconic phrase - Wikipedia

Stunt Cat

Everything You Need To Know About Women People

Bananna flasher

What girls people do

The Volkswagen Lisp

Japanese man runs through 70 flourescent light bulbs

Neon Lamp Fights

Short Words to Explain Relativity

The meaning of Life


This General Motors handout shows an electric two-wheeled two-seat

GM and Segway unveil new two-wheeled urban vehicle

Jiddu Krishnamurti quotes

Skimmers: Reader Finds Card Skimmer On Bank ATM

Eleven-year-old girl charged with rape

US Navy Physicist warns of crushing temperatures and global famine

When Walls Meet Art


Mexican Drug Lord Officially Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs Illegal

Looking for a Girlfriend

Size of our world

The Ross Sisters (1944)

Rent a Llama


It could just be coincidence



Cat Bow Golf

My Ex-Nazi Father's Reaction to Fox News

Chris Paling on time spent on a ward with alcoholics

The Missing Mahatma

Ana's story

10 Amazing Coincidences

OnlinePokerPlayers - Hot Hand #6

Church Mice

Scientists create 'robot scientist'

Stroke Dialer For Eyes-Free Keypad Input

The Lonely Cactus

Russian Wireless Phone from 1958

Special Effect Contact Lenses

Best-of-kite surfing

Extreme uphill racing

Bullets from the Drug War

Why we need a good night's sleep


Speed control NSFW

First Robot Scientist Makes Gene Discovery

Too Big To Succeed

The World's Most Colorful Crabs

Crazy illusion

The Dune's of Arizona

Gas mask 1943

Games - Hell of Sand

What NOT to Paint on Your Car When Traveling in the Deep South

Photographer NOT Terrorist


Recent scenes from Afghanistan

We're being lied to about U.S. guns and Mexican cartels. Why?

Worst Beach

Bias suits settled with Gold'n Plump

Are your eyes playing tricks on you?

War on drugs is insane

Crash Testing: MINI Cooper vs Ford F150

LIFE - Your World in Pictures

Freaky Speeder Rides the Wind to World Record

Journey into a Schwarzschild black hole

Bulldozer Rampage

Shanghai - that Extra Mile


FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

The Multi Functional Cat Door

Mexico's drug war doesn't add up as a safety threat to tourists

Congo women speak out about rape

Western internet censorship: The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Cannonball In Mercury

In Soviet Russia, Lake Contaminates You


International Space Station

What was it that the terrorist hate?

Did You Know?

Andrew Zuckerman: Wisdom

My Redeemer Lives

China's hi-tech death van

Light attack on pimply teens

There's going to be an Internet 9/11

The Living Robot

Trust defends rubber penis giveaway

The Dashuhua

QDB: Quote #879746

Kevin Richardson and his Lions

Boxed Water, Anyone?

Cameras To Catch Speeders Cause Road Rage And Accidents

Spider Bite Pictures

Local boys free dolphins trapped by ice

Tobacco smoke enema - Wikipedia

Incredible yoga girl

How a bailout really happens

YouTube star summoned to White House?

Concidence photos

Kruger National Park

Monica Bellucci : Condensation

The Beautiful, Scary Robots of Shigeo Hirose

The king of content!

Swiss elevator

There Was a Class War. The Rich Won

St. Mary Street, Cardiff, Wales

Government overdue account

Theo van Gogh/Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "Submission" pt 1

A way to link to a specific part of a youtube video

The Dirty Dozen

Before the flight to the ISS :

Mexico: The Next Iraq or Afghanistan?

Mexicans praise US border security measures

10 Most Horrific Russian Torture Devices

Stop Drug Violence? End Prohibition. Simple as That.

Water protest

World's Cheapest Car is Launched at £1340

The coolest portable speaker gadget ever

Dare the Train

The Mexican Evolution

Tired Old Scam

Jailing Kids for Cash"

The Best Sermon Ever!

Abraham Lincoln


Secret Sunshine', a mysterious journey of faith

Bathrooms that work

The Nature of Change

Daylight Time

Guitar machine and music machine online flash

Let me google that for you

(UTC/GMT) current local time from

AIG paid off on the towers’ collapses TWICE

What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

The Big Takeover

Voice Of The Copts - Bulletin of Christian Persecution

The Real Slumdog Millionaire?

The economy explained - as the government and media won't

Who Are You Going To Believe? Me Or Your Lying Eyes?

Fuck you Google advertising, stop reading my emails

Fuck you, Google advertising - reddit comments

Time Magazine Rigs its Polls to Not Let Creator of 4chan Win

Kalimba beatbox

The Science of Spring

Two men one shovel

The Daily Me

Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?

How Corporations Got So Powerful

Police Spray Water Cannons at World Water Forum Protesters

Whatever happened in 1980?

Has a Comedian Just Saved America?

Who owns Colorado's rainwater?

Sheep In LED Clothing


To the Struggle Against World Terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Atheist Bus Campaign in Seattle!

Exposing the misguided war on saggy pants

Stem the violence, make marijuana legal

Rubik's Touch Cube

Mexico drug cartels - new weaponry means war

Mexico drug cartels - new weaponry means war - Reddit comments

Bully Beatdown

Love sails beyond roses and chocolates

I will never complain about my kids again

Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs


Global hurricane activity at 30 year low despite warnings

Axis of Weasels: The Men Who Ruined the Economy

Watch the dance move at :30 seconds in. Complete eye trickery

Reason # 7 to Stick Out Your Tongue

Madagascar: Troops defy orders to put down opposition protests

How is she now?

Hitchens chasing bottled water with straight scotch, what a an amazing guy

Very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV

The Cult of Done Manifesto

The West Wing - bible

The World's Billionaires 2009

Yosemite Valley from the Glacier Point

Impossible physics: Never say never


Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense | Video on

Woman Injured In Sex Toy Mishap

The Entire DNA Code Now Broadcasting Live!

This Time It's Mrs. Clinton's Turn

The One Country That Might Avoid Recession Is...

Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer: President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

Parts of Amazon close to tipping point

Trump Baja venture leaves buyers high and dry

Are we missing a dimension of time?

Monsanto's Many Attempts to Destroy All Seeds but Their Own

Monsanto's Many Attempts to Destroy All Seeds but Their Own - reddit comments

Marlin drags diver for 3km

Brewton pharmacist launches homegrown economic stimulus with $2 bills

Bush's big lies

Take a Tip. Share a Tip

Her Morning Elegance

Top 10 images of the world at night

Everything is amazing, nobody is happy

The 7 trillion dollar bailout

Bedside defense


Make awkward sexual advances, not war

Crank - High voltage Camera News

The 'consultation' with only one answer

Do these mysterious stones mark the site of the Garden of Eden?

Pack it up, guys. They found the garden of Eden

Influencing the mind with sound

Drinking alone

Only in Los Angeles on Flickr

Without Tears, is There Still Sadness?

After Jesus loved the little children.............

Dress with 120 zips that can be worn dozens of ways


Ground Zero

Would You Survive a Nuclear Impact?

Are We Teaching Our Kids To Be Fearful of Men?

Rapex - The anti-rape condom

The Anti-Bono - Interview

IVONA Text-To-Speech

It Was Then That I Carried You vs. Bullshit, Jesus, Those Are Obviously My Footprints | The Onion

Baby Mop on Vimeo

Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer

Clean the inside of your screen

Wonders Of Make-Up And Plastic Surgery

Staple it

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Mexican Gangs Kill Cops to Force Ouster of Chief

Amusing users of social networks in Russia

Gold fever sweeps suburbia


Wall Street Fighter 4

Hydrofoil Speed record


Like NASCAR drivers, our politicians should wear uniforms clearly stating their sponsors


Crowd Surfing

Bikinis Make Men See Women as Objects


GoGirl: For The Girl Who Needs To 'Go' On The Go

Pepe the Trailer Park Dog with Fireworks

Malaysia Landslide

Speed Bumps That Flatten for Slow Speeds

Paper Computer

Lumberjack Art

Fish Being Caught By Bird-From Fish's Perspective

Osaka Bang

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks?

Keith Richards - Now and Then

Infectious Superbug Invades Beaches

USDA Plan Attacks Against Animals

A Dark Sky over Death Valley

Foods That Boost Your Libido

Oscillating Wave Column

Evolution Film from Dove Real Beauty

10 Scams that Everyone Should be Aware Of

Sea creature disappears when touched


Coke has a rival: RSS's cow urine cola

End of the rainbow

15 Amazing Yearbook Photos of U.S. Politicians

30 hornets vs. 30,000 bees

Water-Powered Jet Pack

PETER HITCHENS: How China has created a new slave empire in Africa

Tounge splitting

Biggest Road-Bridge

Job losses in recent recessions

Explosive Sledgehammer

AIG Implodes: The Two Cows Version

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Bob Marley - Wikipedia

Thoughts on Urban Survival (2005)

Dick Tshirt

Geeking with Greg: Marissa Mayer at Web 2.0

Websites You Can't Live Without in 2009

The World Most Luxurious Grave

Forget the Day After

Get Your Big Rocks In First

Japanese Human Art

Hydron Collider

Walking on Water

Tsunami na Indonésia-Missões na Indonésia

Tsunami - Incredible Video Footages

Nice pants


Garbage Patche's

Soap Bubble Self Portrait

Soap Bubble


Bible warning

This is what happens when you hit a bird going 120 mph

Discovering What Ignites Female Desire

Not so cool facts about Israel

Hero Saddam; Last Interview 2003 by Tony Benn

Picasa Web Albums

The Friends Theme and Sugar Ray

Alex Jones: Question Your Reality

Mascarita Dorada: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Innovative ways to apply for government grants=


Discovery Islander page 15

Ottawa boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows

Incredibly slimming down

Civil war and vigilantism gripping Mexico

A nuclear silo in the United States

Whisky Stones

Atheist and Theist are the two sides of the same coin

The Animal Odd Couple

On the Face :: Putting things in perspective

Message from Israeli children to Arabs - die

How we fuel Africa's bloodiest war

Thank You YouTube - Project for Awesome Kids


Visitors to U.S. face refusal under new online entry system

Samorost 1

Wingsuit base jumping

Kaleidoscope toy

33 Newspaper links for world news

Cold boat

Learn the right way to tie your shoes


Playing For Change "Stand By Me"

Shapeshifting Octopus, amazing camouflage

Man ordered to pay child support though kids not his


No Sex Since 1955

Semen has mind control properties

Scene From Extras Christmas Special

The Next Disaster - Mexico meltdown

Top Tips Bring You A Beautiful Life

10th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism

The atheist bus campaign is bigger and better then ever


Topsy the Elephant

Hill of Crosses

The year 2008 in photographs

Post Secret

High Speed and Photoinstrumentation Photographs

The Pulitzer Prizes


God helmet


Charles Manson - Who are you?

Nouvelle-France map-en.svg - Wikipedia



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