Stuff I found interesting 2008

All of the items below are links, I just removed the underline for easier reading. Usually everything after the - are my notes and are not a link.

This is not just about interesting stories, it's about finding great web sites. Most of the stories will have a link somewhere on the page to get you to the home page of the website hosting that story. If you like the story there is a good chance that the web site will have other items of interest to you. If there is no link to the home page of the website just edit the address in the address bar down to the .com part (or .org / .net etc) and click enter.

I subscribe to over 100 news feeds (I do 5 on a regular basis), each feed generates between 5 to 100 items a day. I am looking for things I did not know or have never seen before, things that rock my world. Some (not many) of the links may contain disturbing images, vulgarity or sexually explicit (no porn) articles. The articles I feel are must reads are listed in capitol letters. Most of the articles come from Digg or Reddit although there are many others.

If you live in La Manzanilla and have a shared links reader or just an interesting story, please send me the link and I will put a page up for you. We are living in a time where we do have a voice, a voice which we have never had before. Please learn, expand the realm of possibilities, express and enjoy the ride.


Predictably Irrational

Cute Overload

The Moon

Watching the Growth of Walmart Across America

In Sinaloa, the drug trade has infiltrated 'every corner of life'

Boyanka Angelova ball final EC Torino 2008

A Way to Help the World's Women

A Protected Night Sky Over Flagstaff

Lunar Eclipse as seen from Mauna Kea

Best 50 Astronomy Pictures of Year 2008

Society Builds Wall Between Men and Children

Please don't divorce...

Finding Joy Movie

Regenerate Your Brain?

Skeptical Battlegrounds: Part III - Alternative Medicine

Skills With A 15 Ton Front Loader

Tiny $10 Microscope

The Federal Reserve Abolition Act

Jiyuseki Website

The earth video

In the Land Of Mammon

Mull of Kintyre test

Hans Rosling shows the best stats you've ever seen

Chinese Girl Has Basketball for a Body

Maryland Students Use Speed Cameras for Revenge

Lawrence Lessing's 'Remix' For The Hybrid Economy

Greed has pushed political credibility and financial trust into freefall

Snow Prints?


Kocia Walka

How a Real Man Takes off his Underwear

Dan Gilbert: Exploring the frontiers of happiness

YouTube - Gnarls Barkley - "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"

Mischievous Aussies

Be Nice to the Countries That Lend You Money

Most peaceful

Air traffic in 24 hours

Scenes from Antarctica

Is There A Bigger Story Behind Spitzer's Downfall?

This is what happens when you hit a bird at 120 mph

Pictures of the year: spectacular

Countdown to Looking Glass [1984]

The oligarch who gave it all up

The Coldest Inhabited Places on Earth

The Ghosts of Antarctica: Abandoned Stations and Huts

US anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico

2008 Greek riots

Hackers 'Responsible for Illegal Deforestation in the Amazon


Hong Kong as it darkens

The Whistleblower Who Exposed Warrantless Wiretaps



Derinkuyu, the mysterious underground city of Turkey

Which way will the cart move?

Downwind faster than the wind

Coding Horror: Profitable Until Deemed Illegal

Eurisko, The Computer With A Mind Of Its Own?

How to Dress a Dog

Each Grain of Sand is a Beautiful Work of Art

Did our cosmos exist before the big bang??

Seize the Day

Carpe Diem

Homemade DVD's

Schopfer Yachts

By the book

Neo fascists side by side with Police vandalising ?

Bodies pile up as Mugabe wages war on diamond miners

Torturing Democracy

While Detroit Slept

Biggest Full Moon of the Year

Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb

The Remains of Detroit?


How to create a terrorist

Pound Cake speech

Rethinking Risk During a Financial Crisis: Learning from Mexico

Hitler was the perfect boss

Dogs can think "no fair" too

First World War - Vintage Photographs

Table of Condiments - When They Go Bad

Telescopic Evolution

Towards responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy

Crazy Retard Pedophile

Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Next Disaster

Mt. Rainier puts on a show

Water availability - hard times ahead


Rollerskating at Mission Beach

Former drug officer launches 'KopBusters' TV show


Tee Designs

The Coming Sustained and Unnatural Real Estate Explosion

True Essence Of People

best of craigslist : For Sale - One Wife, slightly used, 1964 Model?

7 Deadly Sins

Organic Batter Blaster

Top 10 International Products of 2008

Natural Disaster Threat Maps?

Funny shadow characters on the beach

Kamikaze Attacks

Emergency and Disaster Information Service?


Born and raised in a concentration camp

Congo rape testimonies: Aged one to 90, the victims of hidden war against women?

Hong Kong as it darkens

Donald Trump: The Recession Made Me A Deadbeat

MSNBC - The economy message board - Should Hank Paulson, Kashkari, and Bernanke Be Tried For TREASON??

The Time I Lost Control of My Bowels on the Water Slide

Rare People of the World

The Most Unexpected Discoveries

It's the End of the World as we Know it

The Most Disturbing Animals on Earth

7 Sportsmen who have blown a fortune?

Winter is coming

Newspaper 'Steals' Empire State Building in Just 90 Minutes

This woman sent Nigerian scam artists $400,000 - a fool or a victim?

Michael Malloy - Wikipedia

The Kiss

Eight rebellious U.S. regions and secessionist efforts

Graupel - Wikipedia

Small World ride revamped for bigger passengers

X band radar platform on Heavy lift Marlin

Amazing X-rays

Computer-generated hairstyles

Simple Satellite Tracking from

Dr. Rick Hodes Helps the Children of Ethiopia

Charades Cards

Vintage & Contemporary Photographs from the African Continent

Beautiful China

Dog Having a Blast in the Snow - Video

15 Very Strange Ads

Vitamins 'could shorten lifespan'

Quaker statement on gay marriage

Our Strange World

When inclusion costs and ostracism pays

Best Inventions 2008 - TIME

Total eclipse of Sun photographed from an airplane at 27,000 feet

The Drug War In a Nutshell

Dutch ban on magic mushrooms to take effect

Witchcraft Causes Riot At Soccer Game

Galapagos on Vimeo

Freud's *The Interpretation of Dreams* Chapter 1, Section D

10 Reasons We're Doomed: Black Friday Edition

Awful truth video

World clock.

How is your day going??


Monsanto: Number One Enemy of Humanity

Mafia 'mobile phone gun' seized

Noam Chomsky on Obama and his Cabinet Selections

Terrorism's New (and Very Old) Face - New York Times

The Science of Dice

Jupiter, Venus, Moon to Converge

Bizarre Creations

Creating False Memories

Happy Dog

Atlas Shrugged Updated for the Current Financial Crisis.

Worried About Thanksgiving Fights with Right-Wing Family Members?

The Truth About Bailouts

If you have a Citibank credit card, check your statements.

What Teenage Girls Want Out of A Man

10 Facts Every Westerner Should Know About the Middle East

Dude Transports 20 bricks on his head

Okay, Who Can Resist a Good Bailout Joke?

Stealing the spotlight

Facing Foreclosure? 3 Reasons Not To Abandon Your Pets

What's happen first?

A comparison of old and young portraits

America's Debt to Income Ratio as Compared with Other Countries?


THE MONEY MASTERS - How International Bankers Gained Control of America


It's Not a Tumor, It's a Brain Worm

Bluefin Tuna Boycott

India's 'pink' vigilante women

Using the Hell out of your Digital Camera

A few Miracles of the 21st century

Blu's Muto

Unusual and Creative Staircase Designs

Home computer could diagnose diseases

What happened to you? Sling

Letter to doc

Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchuck.flv - Real or Fake?

A New Introduction to the Next Edition of The Holy Bible

Baghdad opens campaign to kill city's stray dogs

Amazing rainbow photographs

I Didnt Say it Was Your Fault

Don't Know Much About History

Civic Literacy Report - Civics Quiz



When is the last time you saw such a CEO?

Mint suspends orders amid rush to buy bullion

"End The Fed" Protesters Gather Downtown - I hope we see a lot more of this

HARVEST OF DESPAIR - (Soviet Engineered Famine in the Ukraine) 1933

How A-Bomb Testing Changed Our Trees

Immersion - Photographer Robbie Cooper shows just how focused young video-game players can be

The Sucker Bait Called Hope

Chicken Head Tracking

Nicotine: can it save your brain?


Readers overwhelm EU's new digital library

Does This Toy Really Drop the F-Bomb? - who cares, the lady opening the package is the reason for this link

Rockets help build bridge higher than empire state building

Bizarre Bicycles

Challenged ballots: You be the judge

Rear view of former slave revealing scar.?

An Unforgettable Moment

Global Warming - Melting Man

Naomi Klein: Bailout is 'multi-trillion-dollar crime scene'

12 strange substances that will mess you up

Neave Television ...telly without context

God save me

Out of Control

Wayne County Foreclosures Nov 2008

Iranina street art

It's for your own good

Gender-Bending Body Swap Experiment Leaves Subjects Wanting More?


Half Bicycle - Half Motorcycle, Learn about the ErockIT

How an Amazonian tribe turned a missionary into an atheist

Flair Hair Visor

Nature Best Photography of 2007

Singular or Plural ??

Is there such a thing as pure genius?

Islamic Theologian Says Prophet Muhammad Likely Never Existed

Some Funny Messages on the Internet

Judge: riding in the buff is 'tradition,' man cleared


Excavating a giant ant colony


Second Life affair ends in divorce

God's Inbox

10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken

Fed's Damaged Balance Sheet Will Take Down The Dollar

5 Reasons I Hope Gets Sued Into Oblivion

Home Page

Goldman Sachs Rips Off Non-Profits, Endowments, Foundations, And Charities India > News > General > Online Search can Strengthen your Aging Brain??


Golden Gate Bridge

Chomsky on the economy

Chomsky: In swing states vote Obama without illusions

Nikon D3 Shutter Release in Super Slow Motion

This Math Whiz Called It for Obama Months Ago

Amazing ferrofluid

Does the Human Mind Have Potential Super Powers?

Extreme Slow Motion Of Camera In A Blender

TIME's Best Inventions of 2008

The Five City Parkers You Meet in Hell

Pantyhose for Men


Capt. Stanley's unlicensed, DIY shark dives in Honduras

Kundalini Syndrome - Wikipedia

A Quiet Windfall For U.S. Banks

Worst Stutter

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose

Cash found inside walls becomes nightmar

My Master Should be Made to Wear the Same Clothes as Me

Luca Turin on the science of scent

George Bush Beatbox

5 People Who Saved the World

Points of View

A response to Dr. Laura Slessinger's attacks on homosexuals

West Wing - Biblical Quotes

Art Pieces at Burning Man?


The world's best rooftop bars

Soft closing' experiment

YouTube - Wiener poopie

The Mushy Middle

Court Rebukes CIA on Freedom of Information

Bill of Rights Transcript

Strike a match

STDs - Revolution Health?

Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama

Honda unveils robotic legs

Renault Ondelios

PUTIN He's one badass

Quiet wind-turbine comes to U.S. homes

Honest Restaurant

cameltoe cup

Sexual beasting

Swimming with crocodile

The theme park's 'cage of death' that drops tourists into a crocodile's lair

Not so Sexy Air Pump Bra

This is why you don't want to stand under a tree during a thunder storm?


Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds


Conservatives Without Conscience?

Flickr: The astrometry Pool - Flickr and it will automatically be labelled with all of the celestial objects contained within it.

Censorship in the Western Media

Censorship in the Western Media reddit comments

My America Project

Obama's life in photos


Valuable Prizes

Damn You Barack Obama, You Pretty Motha fu*ker!

Mexican hitmen finish off victim during surgery

CNN Hologram TV First

Andrew Zuckerman: Wisdom

USS Enterprise Totally Looks Like A Sink



Who Can I

The Business of Politics:

Frozen Smoke

Baroque Mandelbrot Zoom

The Gear's Heart

White Supremacists for Obama!

Obama/McCain - The Colored Race

November 2, 2008 In Photos


Untitled Document

Pictures Taken At Just The Right Angle (and Right Time)

If I fire a gun while near light speed, will the bullet EXCEED light speed?

Voyager’s Golden Record

The best race pilot ever - This turned out to be fake

Coffins to Die For

Barack Obama Versus Religion

Hope for Change or Change Your Hopes?

Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS

Bill Moyers Journal - The power of Music

Earth From Above comes to NYC

Through God's Eyes

Spirit of Intolerance?

Homeless people


Congo's tragedy: the war the world has forgotten

Naomi Klein: The Bush gang's parting gift - a final, frantic looting of public wealth

Magnetic Levitation Train

A Life Revealed


Reef Balls Help You Save the Environment After You Die

Candles at Halloween?

On the bus with Willy and Jesse


Kindle gets the Oprah bump

1938 underwater photography

Political Punch?

WISH FOR LOVE - State-of-the-Art DNA Activation Technologies

Fractal Animation

Canada: High-test homebrew fuelling violence

Canada: High-test homebrew fuelling violence Reddit comments

Nature Scenic Photos

Bike Dispenser at AMNP

Bobby Neel Adams

Friends are More Dangerous than Beer

Chris Rock - How to save your ass from the police

Why Recession Is The Least Of Our Worries

Neave Television ...telly without context?

Rands In Repose: N.A.D.D.

Is surfing the Internet altering your brain??


This is the age of paranoia, scientists say

Are you a Planet Patriot?

Dallas Breaks World Record With Big Beach Ball

TIG Petitions - Stop Australian Internet Censorship

Smart Bears

Interactive Mirror

The Joyous Harvest | Wake Up From Your Slumber

Smoky The Nanobot?

The Anti Rape Condom!

Foreclosure king surfs troubled home waters?

A nasty bug, an effective (but yucky) cure

The possibilities of a 'portable eye'

Rubik's Cube and Its Variants

I think I'm musing my mind - Roger Ebert's Journal



2007 Teams: Lunar Lander

Kelly Dobson: ScreamBody

Rainbow Pictures

The Rescue Plan part of Greenspan says Mea Culpa, but Paulson pleads Not Guilty

Awesome Electric Violin - Ed Busking Chester

The Massacre of Withdrawing Soldiers on "The Highway of Death"


Time Travel Page - Back to 1930's


Orgasms made easy for women everywhere

Ground Zero: Google Maps

What Would Jesus Buy

Barack Obama: The TIME Interview?

Back in the day

"Defining Moment" Ad

Barack Hussein Obama II - A Photography Blog.

The Great Iraq Swindle

What the real crisis is like

The case for videotaping interrogations?


Mug Shots in Orlando?

The world's first Digital Camera. Created by Kodak in the 1970's

Electric stimulus to face -test3

Colombian workers and peasants mobilise in one day general strike

Only: The New Yorker

Madelyn and Stanley Dunham - Wikipedia

Stop The Planet Of The Apes. I Want To Get Off!

What does black and white look like anyway?

Cop Heat Camera Catches Crook Suicide

Proud to Live in America?



State of the Nation

Audience on Vimeo

Rocket Propelled Chainsaw

19 Years And Waiting: Exxon Valdez Payments Delayed Again

Despotism (1946)

Connected Indians

Memories selectively, safely erased in mice - Viva LaCuna

How to Install Rainwater Collection | Video | Lawn Care | This Old House

McCain-Obama Dance-Off

Sand Painting

Superdome Art show

Bill Cooper predicts 9-11

How to Dance Like a White Dude Video

YouTube - Balloon in liquid nitrogen

The Other American Immigration

Famous People Who Have Been Homeless

Spanish Horse Wrestling Festival

Why do those who proclaim their patriotism the loudest

Analysis and discussion about the world we live in.?


Swimming with tigers

I'm worried about the economy

Spanish Baby Engineered To Cure Brother

The World's Most Ridiculous Lawsuits

The Goldsmiths--Part XXIV

Financial And Environmental De-Regulation: Two Crashes In The Making

What To Expect When Martial Law Is Declared

Chicago Man Sues after Prostitution Arrest

From an ex-mattress salesperson - Choosing a Mattress

Combating violent crime

Cement Mixer vs Cluster Bomb!

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones

Climbing Down the Ladder

Top 10 Psychoactive Substances Used In Religious Ceremonies

The Pyramid of Capitalism?

SACRED INTENTIONS Inside the Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Studies

Tapeworm Diet

So which country has the soundest banking system?

Floating Fish: R/C Fin-Fish Blimp Hypnotically Swims Through the Air

Lahde Quits Hedge Funds, Thanks `Idiots' for Success

Burning Man 2008 Panoramas

The other man on the podium

Most distant object to the naked eye

Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance on the Back of Five Business Cards

Villa 1 by Powerhouse Company

ROLLING STONE: It's Already Stolen?


High-tech portals to aid border screenings

Walled city - Wikipedia

Walled city - torn down in 98

Inside the Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Studies

Cool headstone

Analysts: Al-Qaeda awash in funds despite meltdown

Hawala - Wikipedia

I got 20" wagon wheels!

Welcome to the Common Law subreddit

14th Amendment Citizenship: Citizen or citizen?

What Are You?

Esoteric Agenda Part 9 Of 13

How to vacuum clean a horse

Photo of Rock Island, Palau

Mexico grapples with drug addiction

I am the Walurus

Flash Cookies: The Silent Privacy Killer

Church tank

Paddle Faster!

Upside Down Dogs

When cupid gets rough with you?

Blatant Banker Manipulation Of Gold Prices?

Children of the black dust

100 Interactive Websites

Register to vote? In Canada, you're a citizen, you get a voting card by mail

The Sun - Excellent photos

Old Slave poster?

Old slave poster - Reddit


Top Mass Murderers in History

Shuttle driver reflects on Nobel snub

Avoiding waves that go bump in the flight

Shocking sportswear - World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis'

Seven Days That Shook The World. Democracy In America Dies

Ten of the Most Important Words in Mexico

From Gleeful to Fearful in Latin America

Swimmer - click next in top left corner

Toughest job of catching anaconda

Don't Watch the Dow, watch the TED

End the Federal Reserve Bank! National Day of Protest and Education, November 22nd


Google's Super Satellite Captures First Image

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy

Conjoined Fish

Economic Warfare Against America?

Sand on the ocean

Married Cambodian couple saw home in half after separation

Going Pie Hunting!

New Taser products

5 Bizarre Ways the Weather Can Kill You Without Warning

How to stretch a ship

The Cars e Drove In The 50s & 60s?



Zeitgeist: Addendum

Ninja cat comes closer while not moving!

Extreme Piercing

NASA - Crew Earth Observations Top Ten Photos

HalfTime Basketball Creighton

The most important number in the universe - reddit

The most important number in the universe

The Media Can Legally Lie

Wacky Science Winners

It's Ig Nobel time again!

Marble Mathness

Foreclosure Alley

A Saw that cuts anything, but user friendly

The eyeballing game

Life in Somalia's pirate town

Video of a white blood cell chasing and engulfing a bacterium.

Crawling Neutrophil Chasing a Bacterium

Paulson Recommended "Self-Regulation" For Wall Street


John Cochrane on Why the Bailout Plan Would Be a Disaster

13 members who might switch their vote: Contact them NOW!

Timeline: Global credit crunch

Murray Rothbard - Wikipedia

Smart Car Redesign Kits

Check Registration Status

A Beautiful Mind - part 1 of 14

The Trap - part 1 of 3

Music list

The Face of Meth - True Story




List of American words not widely used in the United Kingdom

UNICEF Photos of the Year 2007

A modest proposal for the bailout

Lamp Fights?

JFK, The Federal Reserve And Executive Order 11110 - Four one's 0

Henry Ford Quotes

YouTube - Let's Play "WALLSTREET BAILOUT" The Rules Are... Rep Kaptur

Google unveils Moderator: crowd-source good questions

Project 10 to the 100th?


Bank of America Asks Congress for a $739 Billion Bank Bailout - Look at the date of this news

Bank of America - Reddit comments

List of good videos

Money As Debt


Stop Me if You Think That You've Heard This One Before

Here is the plan: Take $700b from people, give it to banks, banks will lend $700b plus interest to people : Economics

Congressman Ron Paul Schools Bernanke on the Bailout Plan Home

How 9-11 & War Covered Up HealthSouth

FLASH: Fed Speaking Out Both Sides Of Mouth


The great bailout:

The Mad as Hell Series Continues

John McCain's Keating Five Problem In 97 Seconds

How We Can Clean Up A Lot of the Economic Problems

Paranoia mix

How Sweden Solved Its Bank Crisis

Audi Puts More 'Go' Into Stop-and-Go

Three Years Later: Pyrex Dishes Still Go Boom?





Beautiful Dixie

Dolphins Blow Bubble Air Rings?


Lingua Lunga

enge ogen

The speech that got John F. Kennedy Killed


Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West

Cheney Is Ordered to Preserve Records

Jonathan Haidt on the moral roots of liberals and conservatives

Sex Education - I was a bit shocked at the subject of this video

God will f_ck you up!


Treasury Seeks Authority to Buy $700 Billion Assets

Text of Draft Proposal for Bailout Plan

WTO Protests from Seattle 1999

Back in Iraq, Jarred by the Calm

Discover Iran

One Click - One meal

Private photos from USSR

Talk about unlucky?

Bush's New Resume

"Sit Down!" The Power to Silence the Truth about 9/11 Part 2?



CHP warns of * 72 phone bill scam

No Photoshop Here (Funny Pics)

Irwin Redlener on surviving a nuclear attack

George Dyson - the birth of the computer

Daring rescue of whale off Farallones

Ron Paul on the Financial Crisis

Satellite Spots 'Glowing' Ocean


5 People You've Never Heard Of Who Saved the World

A Journey Into The Deep Sea

A Real "Back To The Future" Engine Meets Mark Twain

Simon Jenkins: A tribunal must tell us what to fix. And whom to punish

Lets see the Dog Whisperer do this!!

TV soap has Arab world in a lather

South Ossetia: how it all began

2008: The Olympic Backstage

Goths and Emos frighten authorities

Opium reigns supreme in Afghanistan

Spectacular pictures of volcanoes on Hawaii

Dog: Silly Humans, You Can't Contain Me


Gibson - Palin Interview

The art of stone balancing

This is Angelique. She wanted to die with dignity

Chronicle Photo Editor's Top Pictures

Fox News Shouted Down and Bullied at DNC Protests

Chile's precocious teens cast aside sexual taboos

A Safer Shopping Experience

2008 Summer Paralympic Games

Putin - U.S. spoiled our relationship and should fix it

Putin - Russia has no imperial ambitions

Putin interview to CNN (with English Subtitles)

Canal de RussiaToday

Bill Moyers Journal - Shock Jocks

10,000 North Korean's

Welcome to my party -- now pay up!

Are your drugs safe? - contains profanity

Declare Independence

Sept. 11, 1822: Church Admits It's Not All About Us

What really happened with GRB 080319B?


Capuchin monkey

Six-Year-Old News Story Causes United Airlines Stock to Plummet

Pierced Eyeglasses

Remote Control Airbus A380/800

Bottle House ~ Rhyolite

Giving it all Back

The Brilliance of Military Warnings

Rare condition gives toddler super strength

Memorize the smallest to the biggest number.

Town of Cochrane Mural Mosaic

Tesla's Tower of Power

Asaf Hanuka

One Gigantic Crane

RNC Welcoming Committee

Keep On Pushin

Fire Festival in El Salvador

God's avenging army Growing in Numbers

Era of Scientific Secrecy Near End


Minneapolis Police Seize Sustainable Living Bus

Sheriff Lott's New Toy

The Uno Electric Motorcycle

11 Cool Segway Scooter Concepts and Designs

Ion beam helps fight against wine fraud

Sicilian Sea-View Properties Up for Sale for Just 1 Euro

McCain's new nurse is hot

Status of forces diagram

Project Pluto

U.S. Military Plans to Control Internet

Amy Goodman Arrested

Tattoo Keyword Index

Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century

NASA - What's Wrong with the Sun?


Large Hadron Collider nearly ready

Preparing to rescue Hubble

Spankings and The Cultural Imagination

Taking the Cow from A to B

Tiptoeing through the solar system

The EPA: Killing Honey Bees and Keeping Silent on Colony Collapse Disorder

In Government We Trust? by Ron Paul

Free Science and Video Lectures Online!: Nobel Prize Winner Video Lectures

A ratlike animal that spends his life drinking

Dog Drinking in Slow Motion

Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima

National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive

15 Of The Most Luxurious Swimming Pools On Earth

What The Customer Really Wanted

BDJ Cash Question

USDA Gift to Monsanto


Confessions of a porn addict pastor

Cracks in the Empire

U.S. court finds TNI links to ExxonMobil

Young Rastafarians

Six Reasons Why People Self-Injure - Personality Disorders

Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid's Limits

Stop Bird Porn

From Cell To Embryo

One of the Holy Grails of Medicine: Genetic Surgery

A professional farter

U.S. Marines/Iraq War Veterans face Gestapo Storm Troopers at DNC

Stencil art

Joker and Batman off camera

Gas Fight!

Hug a developer!

Cat & Dog - Best friends


Sen. Hillary Clinton addresses the DNC

Bayer on defensive in bee deaths

The monetary density of things

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

To Do List Resources

Burning Man and safer sex

25 Places to Read Free Books Online

CAT HOUSE ON THE KINGS - The way the world is supposed to be

Mark Twain Quote


The Dew

Prehistoric Japanese Goblin Shark ALIVE

Butterfly tongue

Teaching Teaching & Understanding Understanding


My neighbor just killed herself

Health News for Men

Kings Canyon star trails

Switzerland's main boatsharing community

Tony Melendez

Earthquake Damage in Beichuan County

Snake, Man's Best Friend

Solar Powered Spy Plane Breaks Record

Circles & Squares

The ATLAS Experiment's Channel

Images That Changed The World

Falling Rocks

The most erotic of all plants: Coco de Mer

Clear Channel Removes 2nd Anti-Nukes Ad

Venus and Moon

American Family Association launches protest against Hallmark

Cuban surfers ride waves on donated boards

Mexicans splash out on chip implants so satellites can trace them if they're kidnapped

Sign up to learn more about I.O.U.S.A.

Dog protected abandoned newborn

What if auto mechanics were always thinking out loud


What Britney Spears Really Sounds Like On Stage

Peace bomb

The Population Bomb

World heading towards cooler 2008

Visualizations of Red Planet

35 Greatest Works of Reverse Graffiti

Wireless Power

Dogs have a sense of right and wrong

Ruling protects Arizonan who sells anti-war shirts

YouTube - Chemical Party

Birthday Calculator

25th.hour-f_ck you - vulgar rant

Cruel Eye Chart


Chand Baori Well


The Largest Swimming Pool On Earth

Wind Power

Gorilla grieves over death of her baby

Most Wine Should Be Sold in Boxes


The moon and the torch

A Wearable Motorcycle

Climate change strategies

Frontier Psychiatrist

No-sense B/W gifs

At JFK Airport, Denying Basic Rights Is Just Another Day at the Office

Gatecrashers flee whip-wielding dad

Where does energy from oil come from?

Officer's actions as dog was dying anger driver

Save the planet - Buy it

The Deadliest Creatures

Shocking Musical Moments Caught on Tape

How Your Brain Can Control Time

Terror ready

Journeys to the Far Side of the Internet


Bicycle seen in Tallinn

American Family Comes To Finland, Seeks Refugee Status

Mexico's Cocaine Capital

This Polar Bear did not read the pool rules

People Really Do Look Better When You Drink

Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle promises to aid arctic expeditions


Women's Olympic Fencing

Leaping Shampoo

People-Powered Quadcycle

Two Screens, Two Pills

Dubai skyscraper

Bye bye blackboard

We need to stop being such cowards about Islam

Incredulous UN Bans Criticism of Islam


Man in the

Mexico mourns another kidnapping death

Investor Mind

Steep stairs

Why not use telescopes to look at the landers?

Ten million quake survivors move into prefab homes


These Strange Things Can Fly

Meet Gregory - The Egg Man

Hitler in Concert

South Ossetia simplified

War Photographer Stories

Trading Sex for Food

A Building Of Bubbles

Incredible Panoramic Shot of London

The orphan deer adopted by a pack of ...

Grappa - Delayed trace

US election diary: American voters

Rock Band Name Origins

Craymachine - sounds from typing

Colony Collapse Disorder And The Human Bee

The Archer Fish

Brides during the wedding and after it

No Help for Mexico's Kidnapping Surge

McCain: Worse than you think

Why cooperation is hard for people with borderline personality disorder

Old Masters and Young Geniuses by David Galenson

"You're a Bad Mommy!" - - 1941 Fletcher's Castoria print ad

A tribute to online gaming dementia.

Cool! Road Trains

Afghan children raped with 'impunity

Kinetic sculpture at the BMW Museum

Jeep Waterfall


Fakeproof e-passport is cloned in minutes

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Worst terror attacks in history

Things they don't tell you but should

Slow motion lightening

How To Watch Beijing 2008 Olympics Online

Altered animal photos

Gadgets's Car Photo

The War On Drugs. Or On Whatever.

Military Humor

Charleston style

Guess who's building nuclear power plants

The Last Victorian Leviathan Steam Ship

Bracing the Satellite Infrastructure for a Solar Superstorm

Each Snowflake is Unique

8ft eagle that plays fetch


World's Most Courageous Swimming Girl


Mercury Mistress

Simple and affordable defences against nuclear bombs and Katrina Hurricanes

Devendra Banhart - Carmensita

Guess which country supplies the US with the most oil.

10 Fascinating Facts About the Ancient Olympic Games

Rove Arrest II

A Woman's History of Vaginal Orgasm is Discernible.

'Rat people' forced to beg on Pakistan's streets

New Way Of Storing Solar Energy Discovered

Large Hadron Collider nearly ready

Axel Peemoeller - Eureka Carpark Melbourne

The Military-Industrial Complex: It's Much Later Than You Think

How Saudis Pressured the U.K.s Blair Government

7 Universities Offering Free Courses Online

Jack Nicholson's Car

Watching a Match ... in Frankfurt

25 Fun Things To Do With a Woman

The internet is shit

Top 10 Countries You Don't Want to Emigrate To

Thai school's third toilet

Swimming in China

10 Things You Should Know About the Internet

YouTube - Flight of the Conchords Ep 6 Bowie's In Space

Flight of the Conchords Ep 3 Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

Startup Converting Ford F-150s Into 41 MPG Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles


The Aquabats - Meltdown!

Worlds Weirdest and Largest Bikes

Acid attacks are on the rise in India. reddit comments

Acid test for Indian society

As a Professor, Obama Enthralled Students and Puzzled Faculty

The Best Bike Ideas


Vortex Fountain

5 Weirdest Pageants across the World

Faces in our daily world

Hooray for Weirdos! - Sister Unity

Eyelid powerlifting - Snotr

Haiti: Mud cakes become staple diet as cost of food soars beyond a family's reach

Well worth the wait

Oversise load

Harmony thrives in Pacific isolation


Penn and Teller - Bullshit! - Environmental Hysteria

Female Brain

The Rockefeller File

Petit matin on Flickr

Power to the Twinkle Lady

Sharks seeking human targets for first time

No One Cares 219

Privatization of Mexican Oil Will Advance SPP Objectives

Bottle-Cap Art

NASA Images

Converting miles per gallon to cups per mile

A Social History of the Surge


5 Dumb Criminal Videos

Sex slave: 'Every day we were raped'

Cheating on Women is Very Dangerous

Cheap Gas Strategy

John McCain and the Keating Five


A Social History of the Surge

Hemi powered chain saw

Full script of Obama's speech

Civil Disobedience by / for the Homeless in Eugene, Oregon

Alaska Grizzly Bear Notice

Stages of Life

Beautiful wind turbines

The Legend of Cliff Young: The 61 Year Old Farmer Who Won the Worlds Toughest Race

The ajolote - animals survey

The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers

from sof

Dubai Palm Islands

Why the Founders Rejected a Central Bank

The Hot Lava

Most Environmentally Friendly Sport Utility Vehicle Pedal 4 WD

US lawyer seeks to sue US over Iran threats

10 Most Impressive Photos of our Universe

Nightmare on Wall Street: Washington Can't Bail out the Sea of Red Ink

Fugu, the World's Most Dangerous Meal

New knife with exploding tip that freezes victims' organs

Amazing Duck Story

8 Insane Nuclear Explosions

10 Mind-Boggling Psychiatric Treatments.


Radical Honesty

Thomas Barnett draws a new map for peace

Bike thief

Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA

YouTube - How to create an Angry American

Top 3 Japanese Shirt Folding Videos

Rich find it tougher to reach rock bottom as drug addicts

How emotional pain can really hurt


Looks Like you Blew a Seal


Going Down

That wasn't Chicken

Buying America on the Cheap: A Close Look at Sovereign Wealth Funds

Recycled Babies in Scotland

Lessons in Love, by Way of Economics

Uncovered: the elite's view of white America

Christian the Lion - the full story

Google Earth: Top ten fun things to do

Flowerpot's spontaneous combustion blamed for fire

Gadgets blamed as lightning strikes dozens

Visual Loop


The Night of the Gun by David Carr

Sheep Dash

Disease that baffled doctors mother diagnosed on the internet

Why The World Should Stop Using Plastic Bags

Things Made Of Plastic Bottles

Germans and Russians Used Fluoride to Make Prisoners 'Stupid and Docile'

Music Catch

NOAA and Louisiana Scientists Predict Largest Gulf of Mexico "Dead Zone" on Record This Summer

God will f*@# you up!! - Song, not safe for work.

Church Sign Generator

Why we believe Americans are stupid.

Bad timing

How to make sand pictures

Pearls Before Breakfast


Three Topless PETA Demonstrators outside KFC - Old Photographs From Indian History

4 out of the ordinary bridges

We are winning

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

WW2 Secrets - The Sound Channel

Conflict resolution | The discreet charms of the international go-between


Drug cartels threaten Mexican democracy

What the (Bleep) Were They Thinking?

Ninety years ago, the Arabs gave their opinion - and were ignored

The houses from bottles

France: "No Woman Enslavement Allowed"




First love

Trinidad's Pitch Lake

Patrick Smith, Ask the pilot

8 Crazy Stories From The ER at DailyStrength

Park in Korea



Arkansas fight fans fall for Baron Cohen stunt

Robots scale new heights

Bob Hoover stopped engine aerobatics

Gregg Braden

The Value Of Science

Librarian carrying McCain=Bush sign kicked out of McCain Event

Does the head remain briefly conscious after decapitation?

Feeding a crocodile

Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It

The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads

Honey I Shrunk Your Feet

Disabled wife onto Ryanair flight

Oil price shock means China is at risk of blowing up - Telegraph

quirks: share your personality quirks, little ocds, and strange habits

Hell on Earth: Welcome to North Korea

24 Hour Ghetto Workout

The Bulbdial Clock

Christians Confess

Suicide Bombing in Anbar - Eye Witness Account

Reflection of Trees

The Microwave Scream Inside Your Skull

Top Ten WTF? US Sex Laws


If Few Things Went Invisible

Baby vs Snake

Monsanto has to Accept Full Responsibility for Genetic Contamination

Things you thought you'd never see in America


Daniel Goleman on compassion

Dan Dennett on dangerous memes

Make your own Gas Station Sign

Deja Vu

There's no such thing as an old junkie - check the last photo.

The political establishment and telecom immunity, why it matters

Condeleezza and Code Pink photo

A flood tide of scandals is staggering city government top scoring links

Wall Painting - Bright Home Decorating Idea

Jefferson Bible reveals Founding Father's view of God, faith

1984 - two minutes of hate

Freaky Face Paint

The Tiger Temple In Thailand


Firework factory accident

Faceless 'aliens' spotted in crowd at Wimbledon

Making the statue of Liberty

Top design for the truly needy

This is Red Button


Machine Gun That Fits in Your Pocket

Welcome to the 419 Eater

Happiness is rising around the world

The Original Dancing Badgers!

Culture Change - You. Will. Not. Be. Able. To. Get. Food.

Strangers- short film

Charlie bit my finger - again !

Cargo Scooter Concept

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned

Gays march with pride in four Indian cities


The Turtleman

Lesley Garner's Lifeclass: If you have one resolution, let it be to have more fun


The Ohm Project: an exercise in resistance - "And Leave the Laptop with Us"

Baby Boomer Death Counter Clock

Queen of Hawaii demands independence from 'US occupiers'

Bill Moyers Journal

New model 'permits time travel'

Search the AnAge Database

Only in New York!

Chris Jordan pictures some shocking stats

Edge 206

Steven Pinker on the myth of violence

Rambo violence stats

Inspirational Ad.. New Indian Anthem?

A Woman in the Know

Welcome Home, Soldier: Now Shut Up

Swan Lake

Very Rare Clouds

Voltaire Quotes

Different Ways To Tie Your Sneakers

The original Technoviking tape

Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Gen. Wesley Clark Fights On and On

SEP - Somebody Else's Problem

How To Hide An Airplane Factory


Ten Cool (and Free) Magic Bar Tricks

The dangers of plastic bags

Drunken public violence

Pixdaus, God Gave Us Pics!

Missile Silos for Exploration, Visitation and Even for Sale

Halliburton Company - Google Finance

Secret SuperCar Society

My Dad - Never underestimate him

Amazing & Interesting World

Why the Wealth Gap is Set to Widen

Annals of Medicine: The Itch

What's being loaded into this plane?

Berlin Airlift Turns 60: A Firsthand Account of Post-War Berlin

Adults 'scared to go near kids'

leasing versus renting

leasing versus renting - reddit comments

Americans Do Not Want Change

9-11 Research: Insider Trading


Angry puffer fish goes nuts


The Petabyte Age: Because More Isn't Just More, More Is Different

Lady Spins On An Escalator

Only In Japan!

Gasoline thieves adopt a new drill

George Carlin's last interview

The Corner on National Review Online

Embroidered T-shirt. Price: £4. Cost: Misery

Eco-Nightclub Launches: Dancers Generate Electricity

Creative Images

In Their Own Words: Admissions from the people who wrote the 9/11 Commission Report that it was compromised

OpenCongress - Congress Gossip Blog

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Being Built

The Most Expensive Private Jets

Apostates of Islam - We left Islam

The doomsday code

An illustrated people's history of the US empire

How the brain works

Heinz 'male kiss' ad draws hundreds of complaints

Dymaxion Man

Solar Industries First 1GW Production Tool


Zebra's Stripes, Butterfly's Wings: How Do Biological Patterns Emerge?

Mans own cells killing his skin cancer

Political segregation | The Big Sort

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Mass Murder & War Crimes

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

Paintings of Fred Einaudi

Fewer Traffic Signs, Better Safety?

Build a lucid dream machine

Iron ball+sand

Exploding Head Syndrome

Berkeley Marina Kites

Lava Shapes

Calorie Restriction Protects Against Age-Related Muscle Loss

Cellphone Popcorn Trick Revealed

The Insidious Effect of Fox News

Love vs. Hate

Who voted for the Nazis?


Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty

Women Are Attracted to Liars and Narcissists

Incredible Zugarramurdi Witches Cave Hosts Summer Solstice Rave

International taxation | America's Berlin Wall

International taxation | America's Berlin Wall - reddit.comments

This gut-wrenching ad won the gold medal in the print ads category at Cannes Lions - reddit comments


Below ground

And we want them?

Bill Stickers will be Prosecuted

Sounds of Silence

Japan gripped by suicide epidemic

7 Terrible Abuses Suffered By Women Around The World

Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Contribute

YouTube - The Reverse Graffiti Project

Hell on earth

I've had the G-shot

Blackwater is Still in Charge, Deadly, Above the Law and Out of Control

How to nap

Top 10 British crop circles

Stockholm Syndrome For Moths

Extreme Makeovers


How Cops Really Want to Police

'Curveball' speaks, and a reputation as a disinformation agent remains intact

Penny Arcade! - The Flavor Factor

RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert

CSA - Martian Weather Report


7 Tips for Healthy Travel

The 5 Kinds of Headaches

Old photos 3D

Speed trap photo stopper

I Thought We Didn't Negotiate With Terrorists

Reverse Shoplifting

Liberty requires occasionally letting a guilty man go free, Oppression means occasionally imprisoning an innocent man reddit comments

Spyware bill cloaks a mini

Hug Me Pillow from

Artist Fits Inside Ballon

30 Strangest Animal Mating Habits.

George Orwell 1984


Waxman: "Potentially Thousands of Criminal Cases Involving Fraudulent Contracts in Iraq"

He Said It First

My first cavity search

Murdoch of Fox News Admits Manipulating the News for Agenda

The Wonderful World of Early Computing

Probe shows kiddie porn rap was bogus

Jump Roper por America's Got Talent

Hunger Keeps You Happier Healthy Life Spot

Realistic Robot Woman


Together Everyone Achieves More

Impossible Photo

Rubik's Cow

Women's Rights and Radical Islam

The Savage Colors of Naked, Toxic Sea Snails

Works of Chema Madoz

Report Finds Schizophrenia Twice as Common as HIV/AIDS

A Survey on Schizophrenia

The Moral High Ground doesn't live here anymore

Stupid Design


Weirdest Car Accidents

Intel: More than just chips

Why Are Barns Red?

Best press photos 2007

Remnants of war

Americans are NOT stupid

Rape as a Strategy of War

WASP Injection Knife

Support for euro in doubt


Afghan wind reddit.comments

SS J.F.K. Docking in Malta

Role play

Prenatal Horse


Wexler Calls for Impeachment Hearings

The Threat to the Car

World's First Quantum Images Created

Tough Parenting In The Hood


Impeachment news

Sebastian's Voodoo

Gay Flight Attendant

7 Steps to Kicking the Anger Habit

A Case of American Political Psychiatry: Susan Lindauer's Story

Susan Lindauer - Wikipedia

Susan Lindauer - Google Search

Getting Your Whistleblowers Declared Crazy Solves Everything - reddit comments

Growth of Diamond Films from Tequila

Spain treats child phone addicts

A New Way to Guzzle Gas

Quick Draw - Fastest Gun

The loneliness of the child suicide bomber

2 Apaches take out Insurgents and truck with 30mm Cannon

Little things that Jiggle

Pastor: Rod Parsley preaching History of money

Pastor Rod Parsley preaching History of money - reddit comments

Remnants of war,  

The Librarian Who Loved Books

Loving Day Marks 1967 Victory for Legal Interracial Marriage

Disappearing Car Doors

Full Size F1 Steering Wheels

How to Tie a Tie!

Mock The Week

Live Hawk Cam

SSI Shredding Demonstrations

Redneck Power Windows


Crazy Body Implants

Meet Drank, The Anti-Energy Drink

If the world could vote?

Underwater Sculpture

Ovulation moment caught on camera

Alien-Like Being Born From A Cow In Thailand

World's Heaviest Living Man

TruMedia says its facial-recognition billboards will never record video, it won't share with cops - Engadget


Mud phobia pig gets its own boots

Even bigots and Holocaust deniers must have their say

Body Parts Made Of Bread


Fractal Scene Rendering

Laura Bush's Caravan Force One

Operation Lets Muslim Women Reclaim Virginity

The Teatro del Agua


World's Weirdest Wedding Customs

50 of the Most Dependable Web Resources for University Students

Water, Water, Everywhere


Fast Food In Beijing Is A Little Different

10 Amazing Celebrity Houses

20 Secret Wars of the CIA

From an email I received. What do you think

Want to Know How Happy you are?

Hell of Sand - A Good Time-Wasting Flash Game

Games - Hell of Sand

Microsoft Attempts to Patent the Very Essence of Humanity

1957 vs. 2007

The Woman Who Can't Forget

Amazing Geological Oddities

Giant Crystals Cave Naica Mexico,

Digital Forensics: Photo Tampering Throughout History

From The Slushpile

25 Pictures

Seasteading: engineering the long tail of nations

Murdoch of Fox News Admits Manipulating the News for Agenda

Coober Pedy Underground Desert Cave

Xeros washing machine that uses 1 cup of water

Physicist Debunks Cellphone Popcorn Viral Videos

Feed The Head

The Best Human Train Wrecks In Sports History

Pro Finger Spinner is Today's BIG Thing

The Deniers: Our spotless sun

US Frequency allocation chart

Cooking an Egg Between Two Cell Phones

Birth Control

An Interview with Ilan Pappé and Noam Chomsky

Iraq / US status of forces agreement (SOFA) review of Bible

It's small price to pay to prepare for the worst

U.S. Military's Middle East Crusade for Christ

We want beer

Hats banned from Yorkshire pubs over CCTV fears

14 Yr old Arrested by Police for Citing Free Speech I think this kid has it somewhat wrong and somewhat right

The Size of Africa

115-year-old Woman's Brain in Tip-Top Shape

Slow Food

Scary Street Art for the Unsuspecting Public

Strange and addictive video

I Love You

Eagle Attacking Swan in Mid-Air

The future of e-paper: The Kindle is only the beginning

We are All Just Monkeys

Tree Frog

MTV Ad Depicts Martial Law

Read Between The Lines

Freezing North American Wood Frogs

The ginormous snail 8.

Things About America I Didn't Know While I Lived There

Origins of the brain

Small Town Overthrows Corporate Giant for Control of Water

Pictures From the Sky

Sun Phenomena

Which Would Protect Your Daughter's Health Best?

The Ideological Animal

The Ideological Animal (The 9/11 effect) - reddit comments

What is the Biggest Crocodile in the World?

Eagle wounded by poacher gets new beak.

Wildlife: The Best Photographs

Our Vulnerability Is Our Strength

Ostrich Skiing




When Afghan tempers explode

Popcorn with the cell phone

Number of men who will die in the U.S in 2008 as a result of........

Packing in public


Male circumcision is a weapon in the sperm wars

The Music Car?

Collateral Damage

Map of Heaven - Note the line to sit on God's lap is only slightly shorter than the line to view the Damned - reddit comments

Map of Heaven

Hacker's manifest

2 Guys 1 Flute

Equipment of Death and Destruction

Upside-down Water Slide

Root holoparasite Hydnora africana in full bloom

Video: Stealth Bomber Crashes

The Bionic Body Shop

Trolling for Trouble in the Red Light District

Understanding infidelity

Isolation - The Ultimate Poison

Shorpy - The 100 year old photo blog


Extreme Sand Sculpting

DNA Key to Decoding Human Factor

The Top 10 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Four better or four worse for marriage of four

Never Give Up


 RedTube - When in Japan, do as the Japanese do - This is X rated

Max Hardcore Found Guilty in Obscenity Trial

Printing Buildings

Opinion: Developmental Aid Workers Are Killing Africa

Dry drowning claims 10-year-old's life

6/5 If Bush had Paid Attention to History (1920)

Physicists have 'solved' mystery of levitation

Cassini Nears Four-year Mark

Running the Numbers ecology

Munich, 1938

G r e e n o p i a

How To Shoot Around Corners

Why Politicized Science is Dangerous

Futurist Ray Kurzweil Sees a Revolution Fueled by Information Technology

7 Innocent Gestures That Can Get You Killed Overseas

ExxonMobil's Impact on Climate Change

History of Standard Oil (Exxon)


Lisa Simpson: Feminist Hero

It's me! Every girl ever.

NASA: We marginalized, mischaracterized climate change data

Grandfather builds Web browser for autistic boy


Pentagon's raygun demonstrated on mock protesters

10 Completely Insane Activities Probably Not Covered By Insurance

World's Fastest Zip Line

Vanuatu Land Divers


Stones That Literally Grow by Themselves


Map Projections: Polyhedral Maps

Norms and Deviations: Whos to Say?

Severn Cullis Suzuki Silenced The World for 5 minutes (1992)

Cool Building Art

Anti-violence march in city draws 20,000

Dolphins of Monkey Mia - Shark Bay

Ohio truck rigged to steal fuel

Iraq: One Winter Soldier's Tale

Controlled Demolition Frenzy


Murdered by Mugabe's mob


Sign from God

Spin The Black Circle

The Iraqi Upturn -


UK Police Harrass Youths

Christians 'told not to preach'

YouTube - Airplane Lands on Short Moving Runway

What Does it Mean to Be Human?

If you've ever owned a cat

Shark pictures show amazing killing display

2 Men Go to Prison over Teen Girl's Lie--and More on the Way

JFK speach to newspaper publishers

The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association

JJFK speach to newspaper publishers - reddit comments

Calcuta - India at 1947

Cool Sound Toy

World's strangest looking animals


Could GM crops help feed Africa?

Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?

Peak-Season Map

Stealing is Wrong

Boobs simulator

Reasons to Live

Women's Lib Meets al-Qaeda -

A New Declaration of Independence

Birth Of Baby Crocodiles

After Massacre, Mexican Town in Terror of Drug Violence

Strange Unseen Animals

Canada ducks for cover on copyright; plans to sign ACTA without parliamentary approval

Strange Great Blue Heron

Angel Falls: The World's Highest Waterfall

YouTube - Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story


Beauty And The Beast

Double Faced Celebrities

The Road to Clarity



The Fundamental Flaw of Social News Sites

Google Pins It's Hopes on Android Video

Scarification Tattoo

Life explained on one page

New answers on the chicken crossing the road!

The last town before Everest

Bicycles in Amsterdam - reddit comments

Amsterdam Bicycles

Yip yips meet the telephone

Incredible pictures of one of Earth's last uncontacted tribes firing bows and arrows

The true measure

Stupid Secretary WTF

Israel's Self-Destruction as a Jewish State

Amazing aviation pictures!

The Baby-Jumping Festival

Just How Stupid Are We?

For whom the eight belles toll

Flexible much

See-Through Photovoltaic Glass

It's a Tiny World

I love country music

Mile Marker 13

Tag Galaxy

The 9 Weirdest Musical Instruments

PCHR: Eighteen years of work destroyed in less than four hours

The Purest Form Of Art


Barry Nolan: The Story Behind My O'Reilly Protest - read the last paragraph especially

This is why I love reddit

You are not a well of love so accept cold reality - I made a comment on this near the bottom under the username of DanielLee

John Bolton to be target of citizen's arrest at Hay Festival - read the comments

Mark Steyn vs. the "Sock Puppets"

Reality, worst game ever

Russia Graduation 2008 - they seem to be just like us.

You Think NAFTA, CAFTA & the Economy is Bad Now? Wait...

Molly, The Horse that Could

My Horse, Nocturnal Landscape

Alex Jones on how the war on drugs scam works

Wanna ride me?

Bill Quigley: War Immemorial Day

The World's Wildest Architecture

TED Talks - Alisa Miller: Why we know less than ever about the world

How to Do the Candle Experiment

The Candle Experiment - reddit comments

From Bizarre to Weird

A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama

Aftermath of US slaughterhouse raid: Fear and repression grip Iowa town

Some of us are shell-shocked at the meteoric rise of bullshit on science.reddit - reddit comments

FBI says, "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11" - some good links to other articles from this story. I found the transcript of the Bin Laden tape interesting.

Southern water providers raise rates despite conservation


Saudi Businesswoman Nadia Al-Dossary - The insurance company will NEVER believe this!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

FOX news has to sack Liz Trotta - The Petition Site

Memory: Forgetting Is the New Normal

Bull with world's largest horns is the bodyguard of a crippled horse

Stripped by a Mechanical Shovel

Hummer - now everyone will know

Germany bans chemicals linked to honeybee devastation

Phoenix Lander Arrives at Mars

science vs religion

Vanguard bodyart

New Kitty

Fight for Kisses

You rock!

Cheap Multitouch Pad

Saddam Hussein's Yacht for Sale

Unknown Beauties of Africa - Travel to Ethiopia

Crazy Graffiti

The amazing intelligence of crows

The "Trust Me" Drug That Makes You Take Social Risks

Secret to Longetivity

Desalination, for a World Short of Water


World's Largest Tidal Turbine

No Escape!

Interview With a Blind Homeless Man

Supreme Court upholds child-pornography law

Why Women should not Appear on TV in Islam

The Fletcher Capstan Tables


X-ray Photography

"Rambo Granny" If only there were millions more like her!

George Washington's Blog: New Rules: Don't Talk About 9/11 Until You Learn Some BASIC History

Photo in the News: Dog Saved From Shark-Bait Fate

President without shame

Hemp powered vehicles

Google Assists In Arrest Of Indian Man

There's a war on for your mind!

Hadeel Alhodaif, leading female Saudi blogger, dies aged 25

75,000 Oregonians turn out to hear Obama speak

- CNN reports ice cream and or does not show the crowd. Stranded in Suburbia

Al-Haramain in Oregon, NSA warrantless wiretapping

Friends with benefits

8 Child Prodigies

Flying penis disrupts some sort of Russian meeting


Join us or die, drug kingpins warn Mexican police

Nitric Oxide Cycle Theory: Will It Explain CFS, FM, and Other Unexplained Illnesses? - Q&A with Martin L. Pall, PhD

Disconnecting Distraction

Balancing rocks


US Warns Tourists of 'Small-Unit Combat' at Mexico Border

US Warns Tourists of 'Small-Unit Combat' at Mexico Border - reddit comments

Stem Cells and Morality

Dark Roasted Blend: Extraordinary Art from Metal

Whales inspire better blade designs

James Randi Exposes Uri Geller

Beware Of The Laundry Detergent Cap

Blair due on trial in the Hague


Brief overview of CIA interventions 1953-1989


McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

From Mr Average ... to superman: Craig Davidson's account of using steroids

Internet story of Pasco 'wizard' teacher spreads like magic - Internet lesson

Angry mob sets fire two robbers

Extreme Sports

Crazy gliders


Pornography for Engineers

The Gimli Glider

Picasso's Guernica in 3D

Tomato tree

Bloody Tampon Ninja

100 Person Flashmob Randomly Chasing After People

Why Gasoline Is Really Rising

Take the Alcohol Test

Giant leaf-tailed gecko

Cambridge Wolf Kill


Hyderabad Traffic

Dust Artist

Last doomsday cult members abandon cave

What to tell your kids about being ugly

'Angry Renter' Web Site Has Grass-Roots Look, But This Turf Is Fake


Circular Beliefs. The What, The How And The Why


Martin Oeggerli's award-winning science pictures

Abuse may trigger gene changes found in suicide victims

Military -

America’s drug problem: Four Must See Documentaries

What the Global Positioning System Tells Us About Relativity

Spit and polish for a Seattle icon

How Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

Science of orgasm

The Orgasmic Mind: The Neurological Roots of Sexual Pleasure:

Earth Impacts Linked to Human-Caused Climate Change

Blame It On The Voices: Running On Empty

Double-Amputee Runner Wins Appeal to Compete for Olympic Spot

"the fastest thing on no legs" Oscar Pistorius

Panties made just for men

The 9 Most Obnoxious Memes to Ever Escape the Web

The Simpsons picture

Why did it take so long for this to be invented?

Best Costume Ever

Bill O'Reilly's Producer

Telephonic Sheep

I give up, says Brazilian minister who fought to save the rainforest

Brazil Environment Minister Marina Silva resigns


U.S. National Debt Clock

Huge Leatherback Turtle

Land of the free?

Sweet sorghum, clean miracle crop for feed and fuel

When It Comes To Living Longer, Its Better To Go Hungry Than Go Running

Epigenetics | Silencing of the lambs

Lake Superior Ice Caves - Wow

Ants swarm over Houston area, fouling electronics

Mac-Controlled Algorithmic Art

Bill O'Reilly Flips Out - DANCE REMIX

Why you might soon think you're hearing things


Don't Let Walmart Check Your Receipt


R2-D2 DVD Projector and R2-D2 Wireless Webcam arrived in our galaxy

R2-D2 DVD Projector - reddit comments

68 Celebrities Before They Were Stars

Einstein letter - Belief in God 'childish,' Jews not chosen people

More Collateral Damage


Best-Selling Author Turns Piracy into Profit


Molecular Visualizations of DNA - wow!

Love on Girls Side of the Saudi Divide

Danish Guidos

When the frame rate of your camera matches exactl the rotation speed of the chopper blades

Twirl-A-Squirrel Electronic Bird Feeder

The 6 Most Frequently Quoted Bullsh*t Statistics

Talking cats

Civilization's last chance

Feds Accuse Student Of "Terror and Espionage" For Talking About Constitution

Sendler, savior of Warsaw Ghetto children, dies

guess your number

Trading's 6 Biggest Losers

Bill O'Reilly Meltdown Resurfaces

Taming That Overwhelming Urge to Smoke

Roots of Breakdance (Run DMC - It's Like That)


Suicide Shoes: Get Yours Today!

Mother's Day Procolamation, Julia Ward Howe

The devils behind Subway's "five-dollar foot-long" jingle


Chimp Memory Beats Humans

Freedom goes online

Sentient Developments: A prosthetic that alerts us to the real dangers in life

Australian Antarctic Division - Photo gallery

Australian Antarctic Division - Icebergs

Remembering Wilhelm Reich

Sub-prime crisis - simple summarization

Rejecting Authority at Police State Checkpoint

Give me an inch, and I'll take your yard

Bush / Cheney to Attempt Possible Coup

Bush signs unconstitutional "power grab" presidential directives NSPD51 and HSPD20, giving him full-dictatorial powers in the event of a loosely defined "catastrophic emergency." - reddit comments almost always encourage depth in interpretation

The Simpsons vs Star Trek - Weird

WWII eastern front - Dramatic Military Photos

Who's That Hiding In My Fox 5 News Logo?

String spin toy

Sayulita Nayarit Mexico Information Forum - Fence

Treadmill Kittens

Top police killed in Mexican assassination wave

BATTLE AT KRUGER, SOUTH AFRICAN LION ATTACK - Incerdible. Over 29 million people have seen this video!

13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers - then played X box with them!

Sensitivity To The Harmony Of Things

Benny Hinn: A Massive Fraud & A Crook

Let the bodies hit the floor - powerful


You do not want to click this link

James Randi explains homeopathy

Crazy Russian Grandpa


Winners of Picture Sustainability

The effects of drugs and prostitution

VW Will Sell a 200 MPG Car in 2010

Funky 300 MPG Car Taking Pre-Orders

Beyond Mere Atheism - An introduction.

Ground Zero Coffee

A Voice to Still All His Others

Young People Are Intentionally Drinking And Taking Drugs For Better Sex

YouTube - Solar Energy More than a Passion, a Way of Life

Conspiracy Of Silence: Sexual practices of those who govern the United States

Archon X Prize in Genomics

Archon X PRIZE for Genomics

The 4 most spectacular waterfalls in the world

The woman who can remember everything

Seriously, fuck you Disney - reddit.comments

??? GTA - one strange video

The Jeffersonians Were Right After All

Some Amusing Quotes To Make You Smile


Authors@Google: Noam Chomsky

Springwise: new business ideas for entrepreneurial minds.

Amnesty International denounces war crimes by US-backed forces in Somalia

Flame retardant found in peregrine falcon eggs

Mega Machu Picchu

John Hagee: deviant theology, dangerous foreign policy

Each Grain of Sand a Tiny Work of Art

10 Steps to Fascism

National Geographic

Animal Kingdom's Odd Couples

Are You Brave Enough to Stand Up Here?

FBI Targets Internet Archive With Secret 'National Security Letter', Loses - And the Patriot act is supposed to be for our benefit?

Big Lie

Adolf Hitler Quotes

A Personal Account of the Milgram Obedience Experiments

The Human Behavior Experiments


Shamans Of The Amazon

Really Bad Ac...

Screaming Frog

Justice Stress - Fubiz"

I Have a Feeling We're Not in Emerald City Anymore

YOU TUBE MOMENTS HOLD POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE - THIS IS THE REAL POWER OF THE INTERNET!!! Accountablilty, private donations instead of corporate donations. Get Involved!

Japans mysterious underwater Megaliths

The Business Behind The War in Iraq

Lots of Animals Learn, but Smarter Isn't Better

Chilean volcano erupting as lightning storm brews overhead

17 Elephants Butchered for Ivory in African Park

Jeep vs snomobile race over water

Travis Pastrana motorcycle Hydrojump

Travis Pastrana Skydives without a Parachute

Travis Pastrana 1st Double Backflip on motorcycle

VoteOften / Popular

5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed

5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed - reddit comments

Birth Clock

Sky bridge in Langkawi, Malaysia

Tim Noland

Treasury chief: Tax rebate checks to go out in May - deducted from next yea's tax refund!

How I Spent My Stimulus

Disappearing Rabbit Tracks

Slow Down: Whale Crossing

At 107, Livermore lightbulb is still a real live wire

Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - viral video


Great reason to drink beer!

Poop Freeze


A short history of what man covets most - STUFF

Roger Daltrey is a Health Freak

Top 10 Myths About the Romans


Age of Consent


The Gospel of Consumption

The Gospel of Consumption - Comments

Modern Mechanix: 14 Smoking Accessories that Nobody Should Own

Bicycle lift

21 Amazing Under Water Pictures

60 Fun Things to Do for Little or No Money

Winter the dolphin gets bionic tail

What We Know (and Hate) about Consciousness

What We Know (and Hate) About Consciousness - reddit comments

The Post-American World

Jacks of Science - Using Adobe Photoshop for Research and Profit

Men 'not interested in sex'

Women to Avoid II

Beware the Terrible Simplifiers

No Tresspassing!

An Antarctic Total Solar Eclipse

Moscow Air Pollution

Corporate Jargon: Please. Can you speak like a human being?

Why white Zimbabwean farmers plan to stay in Nigeria

Family Guy The Matrix Trailer

Did they really have to give Uranus that symbol?

The Elitist Menace

When Law Prevents Righting a Wrong


Floating Water

SCUM Manifesto

Icelanders' Love Of Crazy Trucks Hits Deep Freeze

Insane BASE Jumpers - 1 BASE Jumper Bungee Jumps From Other

80 Way Parachute Canopy Formation World Record

Poor Tom

Rocket Helicopter

How to Bite Your Nose

Public's outrage helps free kidnapped Tijuana surgeon - Los Angeles Times

Brian Cox: What really goes on at the Large Hadron Collider

Man Survives Rare Skin-Shedding Disease

Man shot by killer robot

Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

wrongcards | ecards that are wrong for every occasion!

Cognitive exercises

Protecting Yourself From Suspicionless Searches While Traveling

Gin the dog

Playing games with the sky

Work Ethics

Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization

MIT reinvents the Post-It note

Hawkeye Field Sobriety Test

E:60 - Fight Club

Homeless James Bond

Larry Page on how to change the world

Heavy load


Yemii Pics - Jump!?

Ocean Cooling to Briefly Halt Global Warming,

Jiskefet - Australian Sports

Inside the Tsunami Factory

Police 'spying' powers challenged

America Kicks Ass

The one man army

Voice of seduction is sound of fertility

Gore investment body closes $683m fund

Aviation companies blame FBI, CIA and terrorists for 9/11 - This should be interesting

Torture Time!

George Bush's tribute to Frank Zappa!

Your computer keyboard is FIVE TIMES dirtier than your toilet seat

Remember when it was fun to fly?

Incredible Love Story from China

The End Of America: A Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot

Robots: Israeli Military Guardian Vehicle

Human Rights for China

Salvia divinorum

Nature is always smiling

A Walk on the Wild Side.

The Sick Sexual Culture Of America


The man who grew a finger

Mount Everest-360 degree panorama view from Top

Dumb as We Wanna Be

President Bush gets heated with Martha Raddatz over Afghanistan

Ugly Bugs

The First Known False Flag Trick: Ancient Rome

The First Known False Flag Trick: Ancient Rome - reddit comments

Funny Inventions

Most kids are natural born scientists until we adults beat the living curiosity out of them.

Ride with hitler

Creation, Power and Violence

Only in Saudi Arabia

Leave it to Beaver

Sand City

Babymaker condoms

Arrow Of Time

Modular robot reassembles when kicked apart

Not the end of history after all

Networks reportedly refused to appear on PBS' NewsHour to respond to NY Times ' military analysts story; several continue blackout

Electric Airplanes Take Flight

Top 10 Declassified Secrets

Neo cube

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 - Central Criminal Court

Nader says Washington run by corporations

Hebrew press 1932: Hitler makes a good impression

Scientists Explore Brain's Reaction to Potent Hallucinogen

151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War

Exploring the World of Design

Finally a Robot That Can Take Abuse

\Simple Beauty

Toilet Trained Animals

Naked in Barcelona

Festo AirJelly flies through the air with the greatest of ease

A Crushing Issue: How to Destroy Brand-New Cars

Lions: Africa's magnificient predators


Israel is suppressing a secret it must face

Great first page

Virtual Kidnappings Exploit Very Real Fears

The Evolution Deceit

Lesbian Bed Death Explained

Simple brain exercise can boost IQ

Why Not the Gold Standard?

Wild Volcanoes

Antelope Canyon

The Lies And Obfuscation We Tolerate - Why?

MIT: In America, even the smallest carbon footprints are large

Don't Shave That Yak!

Beautiful black and white nature photo's

Let the Engineers Rule!

Kaki King - Playing With Pink Noise (Live)

The best things in life


You're Going to Die!

50 Things You Didn't Know About Disneyland

Worldometers - real time world statistics

Lyre Bird

Kittens dancing

Whistleblowing farmer killed in Brazil

Court rules man who used the "B" word in store parking lot can go forward with lawsuit

Cruelty to animals - fing sad, check the comment.

Extraordinary rendition by the United States


I am Free

Peel P50 : The Smallest Car In The World

Sketch Swap

Dinner in the Sky - dumb

Lunar phase Oct 2007 - Cool

Accessories for larger individuals. / Bottom Buddy

Reaction test

Classic Cars - high definition photos

It Didn't Start With Bush

This system has no future for black youth!

Dual Citizenship - Should we be worried?

Historical close calls


The Uno motorcycle

Gadgetoff 2007

Prison survival guide

What if the animals you ate went to Heaven?

Nano Photos Rival Modern Art

Top Ten Things NOT to Do If You Are Arrested

Type Racer

Smoking Linked to Depression

Science Helpdesk

The colored iceberg

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Three Words That Could Overthrow Physics: - What Is Magnetism?

59 New Hubble Images Released

Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh


Gasoline Humor

Traditional boxing in Nigeria

Airline flies slower to cut costs

Smell Yo Dick


DR Congo: End the Horrific Suffering in Eastern Congo

Arab woman tells it like it is on Al Jazeera talk show

The Children of Iraq - My God, heart breaking.

The Ultimate Horseback Rider

Dangerous Plane Crashes and Moments

VW's Park Assist

Nuclear schematic\

Astrologers fail to predict proof they are wrong

Cranes In The Sky

Funny Wedding Photo Session

How it feels Like to have a stroke (1 of 2)

How it feels Like to have a stroke (2 of 2)

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Eckhart Tolle, not reacting to content


Singapore Airlines A380

Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

Albinos of the animal kingdom

Esperanto: The International Language that Works!

How To Spy On the Babysitter

Catching corals' spectacular moment

Habits for Greener Computing

Nuclear Explosions since 1945

Golden Eagle Throws Goat off Cliff

Visions of Earth 2008 Photo Gallery

The top 50 restaurants in the world

Can't Cross A Virtual Wall

The Dangerous Brown Recluse Spider

Nature overtaking Chernobyl



Ohio Record Roller Coaster - 420 Ft High, 120 MPH Down

Burning through Oil

Cracking the code to 'the perfect plant' opens a path to saving the planet

The Impossible Art Of Li Wei

11 Most Important Philosophical Quotations.

How to Decode PLU Stickers on Produce

Top 11 Deserted Beaches Around the World

You can't see me, I'm hiding

The world in 2058

Images of molecules

What 8 years of BushCheney have done to our economy

Pain-free alternative to anaesthetics?

Directed Thinking vs. Compulsive Thinking

Bolivia sees rise in mob justice

Hobo Matters

Obama Dirt Off Your Shoulder Remix

Management Quotes

See How Much A Gallon of Corn Costs

E85 Prices

The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers of the World

The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers Of The World

Unbelievable Water Sculptures

Brain-enhancing drugs work by focusing brain activity... for better or worse

How do I get her confidence?

The Great Dictator last speech

The delicate line between genius and madness

Sexually transmitted bug is the strongest organism

The Surprising Right Fit for Software Testing


“Take one,” she said, cradling a listless baby and motioning toward four rail-thin toddlers, none of whom had eaten that day. “You pick. Just feed them.” - Fuckin heart breaker

Scientists Find Blueberries Reverse Age Related Memory Deficits

The Indian Toilet How -To

Laird Hamilton - The greatest big wave surfer to have lived?

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

Irian Jaya

Tree People

Bowling Trick 2


Scientists Discover How to Extend Lifespans without Starving Yourself

Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn't Want You to Know.

You wouldnt do this if you had millions...

Mexico Drug War Causes Wild West Blood Bath

Visions of Science

History's 7 Most Astounding Sexual Resumes

Masturbation 'cuts cancer risk'

Herzog "Cartopper"

Radical tractor


A Father's Farewell:

I’m Not Bitter – I’m Outraged

Stair Fall - game

Swimming with polar bears

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Get 'em Outside.

Lion in a side car

Israel's Nazi-porn problem


Religion - Marcus Brigstocke

Bowman Expeditions

Speakers at Plan Mexico Hearing Admit That Plan Will Not Curb Flow of Drugs to U.S.


How Hallucinogens Play Their Mind-Bending Games

The tallest building in the world and still growing


How Stereotyping Yourself Contributes to Your Success (or Failure)

See through frog


Cashing In on a Second Home in Mexico by Tom Kelly - real estate

Amended laws let foreigners buy on beach - real estate

The Art of selling by Alec Baldwin

"The Awakening"

Change Blindness

Hillary Fired?

Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir sings sweet home Alabama

Modern lifestyle chart

Snakes on a plane

Octopus escaping through a 1 inch hole

Ten Green Getaways

What Every American Should Know About the Middle East

Suicide clubs lure 20 thousand Russian teenagers

Whipping therapy cures depression and suicide


Marijuana- threat or menace?

Mr. T brought boy out of coma

Forget Facebook, everyone's a-Twitter

It's Complicated: The American Teenager


The Education of a 9/11 Reporter


The power of the Internet

Elephant Paints Self Portrait

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

Amazing Bike Skills

Futurist Ray Kurzweil Pulls Out All the Stops (and Pills) to Live to Witness the Singularity

Still mail bills? Study says go green, go online

Monkey Riding Mini Bike Video


Quotes About History

Dutch lawmaker's film criticizing Islam finds Web host

Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders' film about the Quran


Amish Drifting

Deer in the Yard

Space Shuttle flips the bird. Then Flambés it. Is there anything NASA can't do?

The End Of The False Choice


USA 1939 - 1969

National debt of USA


The ultimate identity theft: house stealing

How You Totally Blow It As A Central Banker

Readers share their 'six-word memoirs'

Why a cell is like a casino

Does the Human Brain Possess Potential "Super Powers"?

Camera Man - The miracle of the brain!!

Safed chief rabbi calls on state to exact 'revenge' against Arabs

The Extinct Human Species That Was Smarter Than Us

Learn to share

Movie spoofing Tom Cruise Scientology clip!

Mexico's Emo Witch Hunt: mob attacks in Mexico City and Guadalajara

How Ignorance Can Be Influential

Prison Vocabulary

360 loop on a skateboard

World beard championships

Patriot Act haunts Google service


A Nudge (or Is it a Shove?) to the Unwise

Most Distrubing Teddy Bear Ever

Donor gave with Atlas Shrugged must reading

Bush's war


storm near Dubrovnik

Space Junk Information

The whole room is an illusion

Mexico now the 2nd fattest country, after U.S.

Apple Shooter / Bow and Arrow Target Shooting Game

Why We Say One Thing But Do The Opposite

Man declared dead, says he feels 'pretty good'

4,000 Americans dead

Scientists discover secret sex nerve

Unlocking The Psychology Of Snake And Spider Phobias

Carson City Council



Magic Roundabout

The Dark Side of Science

Sorte Danada

Dogs Defeat Attacking Alligator! Not for the Squeamish!

As A Working Mom, It's Hard To Find Time To Masturbate

Wedding Photos We'll All Remember

10 Powerful Musical Documentary Films

Reporters Blow Whistle on FOX News

National institute for truth verification - Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA)

Rubick's Cube art

Stare and blink magic

Robot reports for security duty in Atlanta

The Big Picture: climate change

Why Iraqi Farmers Might Prefer Death to Paul Bremer's Order 81

Why the US is collapsing



The Mystery of Global Warming's Missing Heat

Climate facts to warm to

Arab Woman gives Muslims a Thrashing

'Hypnotist' thief hunted in Italy

Crucifixion: Delusionists Delight!

The woman who nearly stopped the war

Russian nursery has really cool kids

56 Awe Inspiring Creative Photographs

The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

The risk for iPhone users: They know too much

Pablo Escobar - Drug baron and local saint

Alcohol:Just How much do you consume?

Nice hair

Depressed women crave 'sexual intimacy'

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene



Can People Regenerate Body Parts?

Altan Urag - Davalgaa ijii Mongol

Amazing Anemone Defense Mechanism

Uncle dirty

resonance frequencies visualized with steel and salt.

2.6 Billion With No Place to Go (to the Toilet)

Boomerangs come back in space


Mexican Oil Exports: Start Saying Adios!

Woman Killed By Stingray in Keys

Can You Live In Boat House?

Vacuuming the Lungs

World's best-known protest symbol turns 50

How a Film Triggered a Global Panic


Modern Drunkard Magazine Online


1998 Pulitzer Prizes - Investigative reporting Works

Stressed parents 'make kids ill'

Bison skull pile, ca 1870

Giant Man Lives in Ukraine

Seeds to Save a Species

The Sad Truth About Relationships

World's best Car cleaner

Powerful Women Rulers You Should Know

Chinese Jesus

Take Action to protect public control of BC's rivers

Power Play: The Theft of BC's Rivers

Identifying Sluts

Baby sand dollars clone themselves when they sense danger


wallpaper from

The new Iron Curtain


Obama:I Can No More Disown [Rev. Wright] Than I Can Disown the Black Community


Top 5 reasons why "The customer is Always Right" is wrong

Man at gas station hits the fire button by accident

Easy Glider

Why Italian Restaurants Failed in Dubai!

Biggest Black Hole in Universe Discovered

Defame Islam, get sued?

In case you've never seen an orca's dick

Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights

Dirty mind

An Expensive Temper Tantrum

Abolish the Fed


Kid Does His War on Terror School Project using Porn (Clean)

Measuring cup with unusual units of measure

Chinook Salmon Vanish Without a Trace

The Bill of Rights and Moral Philosophy

We need online rules Opinion

How photos support your own "reality"

How photos support your own "reality." - reddit comments


Samorost 2

Best Magic Eye ever!

Identifying Manipulated Images

Lava channel with overflows

Google Finance

HA,HA, ss-stop iz tiklish!


Rules of Citizenship

Dead Leaf or Butterfly?

U.S. Lives Worth More Than Others

Freedom Boarding

Mindball Game

OLPC News:Negroponte Says XP on XO in 60 Days


Why alligators are so sneaky

What The Mind Causes, The Mind Can Cure!

Audacity To Hope

'Mind Gaming' Could Enter Market This Year

How Eminem Sold His Soul

Rainbow at Elam Bend

Empty gesture

Moving Big Rocks

It happens only in India

Ranking of Foreign Language Open Course Ware Education Sources

Google Sky

Virtual child passes mental milestone

Live in a Rich Western Country?


A Sweet-Sounding Software App Climbs the Charts

Reporter Flips for a Story

Starts wars

Killing a dog as "art"


10 Creative Ways to Recycle Ordinary Objects

Spin the Black Circle


Direct Note Access

Dolphin rescues beached whales



Park at my

Gift of Giving

Mexican court rejects jailed Canadian's legal challenge

DSL add

The Vietnam Syndrome

CIA Holocaust Claims Twenty Million Victims

Only in Russia

IN DEBT WE TRUST - Full Documentary

`Redneck Shop' creates dispute in S.C.


Dog owners angry at public sex plan

How to build a house for £4,000

Mad Men

The Scars of Evolution

Dmitri on Flickr

Naked New York


Best Picture of the Year 2007

Ethical living? Stop taking cocaine

13 People with Extra Body Parts

Jews Are The Genetic Brothers Of Palestinians, Syrians, And Lebanese


His cup runneth over: a warrior's thanks

8-bit games online

Arab Press Responds to Gaza Violence

Trade bans and conservation

Wild photo collection

Rarely Seen Shuttle Pre-Flight Activities

'Iceman' Continues to Baffle Doctors


Lumina Clay Leaves at Camille Young

Sorry Everybody



Mexico Lawmakers OK Presumed Innocence

And the lesson is: Never tease a crocodile




Brazil Amazon deforestation soars

The first time I was called a self-hating Jew

Hack into a Windows PC - no password needed

Chavez: Colombia is the Israel of Latin America.

What is your earliest memory?


Amazing 360º images of Heathrow Terminal 5

Baghdad teenagers show heightened sense of self in the face of war

Common misconceptions


Students turn to sex work to help pay for university

Catania eruption

Berlin gallery has closed an exhibition after receiving threats from a group of Muslims - reddit comments

No Surrender for Danish Art Group

Dutch movie about Islam threatens nation - reddit comments

How to Make Fire Balls

Jesus - Absolutely shocking


Locate Good and Bad Neighbors Before You Move




11 Neighbors from Hell

5 Body Mysteries Explained

Patent Obviousness

The Lucifer Effect

Find music by tapping the rhythm of the song's melody.


French Vineyards To Return To Shipping Wine By Sail

Violence in War and Peace


Can You Predict Happiness?

Iraqi TV Debate: Is the Earth Flat?



Video Streaming


The Next Slum?

Don't forget to go out and watch the lunar eclipse tomorrow night - reddit comments

The anatomy of an illusion

Khajuraho: sex and the sacred

Khajuraho: sex and the sacred - reddit comments

Why We Banned Legos

Autism Breakthrough: Girl's Writings Provide 'Remarkable Insight' on Disorder

Say What You Will (Requiem for a TV News Career)


Alberta Oil Sands Most Destructive Project on Earth

The 25 Most Important Questions in the History of the Universe.

Honda Recaptures Lost Heat, Blows Highway Hybrids Away

The new theories that are killing time


Funniest laugh ever

The Little Girl Giant

Mysteries of computer from 65 BC are solved

Highlight an Image in HTML Code

The best investment advice you'll never get

Global Incident Map


The Lost Kristol Tapes. What the New York Times Bought

The lost Kristol tapes -- what the New York Times bought - reddit comments



Making a killing [graph]

Lemon Study


Karate Slow Motion

Six Principles for Making New Things

Solider says U.S. war policy is kill everybody


Do You Realize?

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better


How "flat earth" news is killing journalism

Atheist sees image of big bang in piece of toast


Gods We Don't Believe In

Sicherheit vs Privatsphäre II


How to Change the World: The Cleverest Idea I've Seen In Years

Sea of Garbage


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